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Conditions We Treat

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  • Fine lines and wrinkles – the aging face, chest, neck and hands: sun damage, textural issues, and volume loss. 
  • Facial and body pigment changes – brown spots, red spots, benign growths, facial blood vessels, spider veins, birthmarks, and freckles.
  • Hair thinning and unwanted growth – hair loss, hair thinning and excess hair growth in unwanted areas. 
  • Facial, body, and acne scarring – scars, hyperpigmentation, and textural issues due to scarring. 
  • Body and facial fat – visible fat bulges under the chin, under the jawline, thigh, abdomen, flank, bra fat, back fat, underneath the buttocks (banana roll), and upper arm.
  • Unwanted tattoos – tattoos of all shapes and sizes can be removed safely and efficiently.

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