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URMC / Employee Assistance Program / News & Events / UR Medicine EAP Blog / August 2023 / Be Cautious with Artificial Intelligence Health Analysis Tools

Be Cautious with Artificial Intelligence Health Analysis Tools

Internet tools to help self-diagnose medical conditions are commonplace, and new artificial intelligence (AI)-backed tools are emerging fast. However, studies show misdiagnosis is common, so it is crucial to consult with the proper medical professionals. This is especially true of mental health diagnoses. It is easy to query mental health symptoms and then convince yourself that you or someone you know “matches all the criteria” when, in fact, you or they do not. Many people tend to misinterpret or overinterpret emotional experiences. Mental health conditions are complex. A trained professional explores many nuances when reviewing an individual’s unique emotional experiences and circumstances. While technology can play a valuable role in health care, it should be a complement to and not a substitute for the experience of a professional who can personalize treatment and offer ongoing support. Start with your organization’s employee assistance program when you have concerns about any problem or condition. You’re more likely to get the answers you seek.


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