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Recapture Your Energy after Work

Consider dozens of ways to recapture your energy if you’re frustrated by being too tired after coming home from work. A quick search will locate many energizing strategies, but experiment with a combination of the following, which are frequently mentioned in workplace wellness articles:

  1. Drink a glass of water and exercise for ten minutes or more.
  2. Try a healthy, low-glycemic snack.
  3. Take a short 20-minute power nap (set a timer so you don’t nap longer).
  4. Meet up or exercise with positive people (they’ll energize you).
  5. Meditate—no, it won’t put you to sleep. Engage in rejuvenation activities immediately upon arrival at home. See a doctor if you feel chronically tired and fatigued or get a consult if you struggle with getting proper sleep.

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Keith Stein | 12/15/2021

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