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How to Be Energized (Not Paralyzed) by Stress

Better diet, journaling, sleep, meditation, exercise—they’re ways of managing stress. But have you considered altering your mindset as a stress management tactic? Begin with this question: "How much anxiety will I accept in this stressful situation?" Surprisingly, this question prompts awareness, and it decreases the likelihood you will respond to a stressor in an unhealthy way. Rather than panicking, fleeing, or escaping the stress, you challenge it. You make it a launching pad for higher productivity. The goal: overcome rather than succumb to it. Successful stress management is when you actively are directing a desired outcome. You make stress work for you rather than on you. No stress management tactic works in every situation, but this one demonstrates that mindset matters, and you can direct stress away from taking its toll on your health.

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Keith Stein | 12/1/2021

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