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Your Stress Management "Urgency Kit"

There are many techniques for managing stress, but you may only be aware of a few, such as exercising, meditation, journaling, or talking things over with a friend. Experimenting with different ways of managing stress can help you discover a collection of dependable techniques that fit your life and work for you—a personal stress management "urgency kit."

Try these quick, "on the fly" stress management techniques to see if they qualify for your kit.

  1. Peel an orange. Studies show the smell of citrus can help reduce stress;
  2. take a walk in green space;
  3. listen to classical music for five minutes;
  4. drink black or green tea;
  5. try a guided imagery exercise using all five senses;
  6. declutter your desk;
  7. spend ten minutes in the sun.

Discover a thousand ideas in the book Simplicity: 1,000 Ways to Reduce Stress and Simplify Your Life by Glen Mizrahi.

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Keith Stein | 2/18/2021

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