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Got a Staircase and 30 Minutes a Week?

Research keeps showing us how little exercise is needed to maintain health. The one consistent finding: You need some. A McMaster University of Canada study screams “no more excuses,” claiming that a bit of stair climbing and a total of only 30 minutes per week can do the trick. Stair climbing has already been shown to provide health benefits, but scientists wanted to know how little was actually needed to achieve measurably improved cardio-respiratory fitness. You should see your medical doctor and obtain approval prior to beginning an exercise program.

Rise to the challenge as we climb toward a healthier, more active workforce. Between March 6 and March 31st, choose the stairs and tally up your flights. Teams with the highest count become stair masters and earn prizes! To sign up, send an email complete with at least 5 team members, department, team name and a contact email for the team leader to:


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