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Find Moments for Movement to Stay Fit

Research has shown that sitting at a desk most of the day can take a toll on your health. For this reason, some health experts call long-term sitting "the new smoking." Stand-up desks and even expensive treadmill-desks have been introduced to mitigate this health crisis.

There may be an easier way to mitigate all the risk: Move when you get the chance. Walk in the morning, walk at lunch, pace while on the phone, do some stretches every 30 minutes, try a few sit-ups, do some lunges, and/or try "burpees." Put a reminder sticker near your desk that says "Move!" and fight the impact of sedentary work. See "lunges" and "burpees" on YouTube. Get your doctor’s approval for an exercise program, if needed.

Source: (Search: "sedentary sitting")

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Keith Stein | 4/11/2019

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