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URMC / Employee Assistance Program / News & Events / UR Medicine EAP Blog / July 2017 / Enhancing Coworker Relationships with Emotional Intelligence

Enhancing Coworker Relationships with Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence (EI) is your ability to be aware of your emotions, accurately perceive emotions in others, decide how to use this information, and act in ways that produce successful workplace relationships. Good EI helps you navigate conflicts, engage with others, and experience more job satisfaction. A few examples of EI in practice include: 1) Knowing that a missed deadline will create hardship for others, you decide to finish early, creating goodwill. 2) Sensing a coworker’s frustration about some matter, you inquire about it rather than ignore it. 3) Knowing that your attitude affects others, you choose to project a pleasant demeanor despite how you actually feel. 4) Sensing a need to resolve tension between yourself and a coworker, you make the first move to resolve it. Learn more from The Emotional Intelligence Quick Book, a primer of exercises for improving EI.


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