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The Pandemic and Prolonged Grief

Following the death of a loved one, stages of grief are experienced as you mourn a loss. But what if the pandemic kept you from visiting with your loved one prior to his or her death? What if circumstances did not allow you to be with family and friends in order to offer mutual support? And the meaningful funeral you envisioned—it didn’t happen. Circumstances like these may increase the risk of prolonged grief disorder (PGD). PGD normally affects about 10–20 percent of persons who experience loss. With PDG, the loss you feel seriously interrupts your daily functioning. It lasts for months, and feels extreme and persistent. If you are affected by PGD, learn more about it and consider how your EAP or another community resource can help you move forward with the peace of mind you deserve. Learn more at (search "pro-a0036836").

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Keith Stein | 7/26/2021

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