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Stress Management Tips for Holiday Family Get-Togethers

If relaxing and enjoying your family this holiday season and avoiding difficult family interactions are included in your goals, consider the following tips:

  1. Decide on boundaries--types of interactions, and the amount of time you will spend with difficult relatives. What discussion topics will you avoid? What past grievances will you discard?
  2. Talk to a friend, get support, and pledge to your friend that you will commit to your plan for a more memorable get-together.
  3. Ask your friend to be available as a listening ear if your visit lasts several days.
  4. Prepare for triggers. If Aunt Suzie always critiques the moisture content of your turkey, decide now how you will respond (or not respond).
  5. Afterward, celebrate successes with your friend and lessons learned about creating a smoother holiday.

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Keith Stein | 11/8/2018

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