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Overcoming the Impact of COVID-19 Lockdown

COVID-19 lockdowns have had a severe effect on mental health for millions of people this past year. Depression, isolation, and loads of adverse social consequences are as endemic as the virus itself. One key intervention is keeping a list of projects and tasks for completion to fill one’s free time. This strategy is not simply a way to help you stay distracted. The strategy helps you feel in control with an ability to direct your life. Gaining relief from this sense of entrapment is the goal of activities that give you more of a sense of control. Be balanced in how much you engage in social media. It may increase your sense of belonging and feeling engaged with friends and loved ones, but during this time, the “missing out syndrome” and the false “everyone seems better off than me” can have a more stark effect. So, stay aware.

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Keith Stein | 5/13/2021

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