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Emotional Labor and Customer Service Stress

“Emotional labor” refers to the practice of maintaining a positive attitude and friendly demeanor while working under stress, particularly with difficult and irate customers. Burnout risk is naturally high in such jobs, but a few healthy practices can dramatically improve your resilience. Practice each with awareness of its benefits. 1) Take care of yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally with enough rest, healthy eating, and regular exercise. 2) Practice focusing on the positive aspects of your job, such as helping customers and solving their problems. 3) Practice empathy with customers. It improves their demeanor and leads to positive interactions with you. 4) Use more positive language during interactions. It reduces tension, and it de-escalates conflict. 5) Seek support. Colleagues, supervisors, and your company EAP offer opportunities to vent, process events, and blow off steam. This is normal and healthy. It won’t feed cynicism; it’s just the opposite—it will help you stay positive and motivated in your job.

Kristina Johanson | 6/8/2023

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