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URMC / Employee Assistance Program / News & Events / UR Medicine EAP Blog / November 2023 / Customer Service and Emotional Resilience

Customer Service and Emotional Resilience

Emotional resilience as it applies to customer service is the ability to cope with, adapt to, or bounce back from the challenges of difficult customer interactions. Build these resilience skills by 1) practicing asking yourself “What am I feeling right now?” This simple exercise creates reflexes for self-awareness and allows you to choose your reaction to inordinate stress. 2) Discover and then implement mini strategies to calm yourself when you are under stress. (Your EAP can help.) 3) Maintain a social support network that you can turn to when things do get tough. 4) Be optimistic and believe you can master the customer service challenge. It’s a special job that imparts tremendous skills you’ll apply throughout your life. Learn more by reading “Unshakeable at Work: Build Resilience for Customer Service” by Sue Anderson (2020).


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