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Stress Management, Right Now: Accepting Ups and Downs

Life is a series of positive and negative events. Accepting the downs with the ups and moving forward is a resiliency skill. Experiment with the following resilience strategy if frustrating or negative experiences keep you distressed for too long: 1) Understand it is natural to experience negative events more acutely than positive ones. 2) When you face an adverse experience, reflect on past experiences, how you got through them, and how time and patience played a role in overcoming the event. Decide the present negative experience will be no different. 3) Recognize what’s going well in your life. Doing so is a strong counterbalance to negative emotions. 4) Hit the brakes! Refuse an adverse event’s power to pull you into a downward spiral. 5) Embrace uncertainty: Life is unpredictable, and there will always be highs and lows. This mindset reinforces your ability to navigate whatever comes your way in the future. (Note: Tracking your progress reinforces the strategy.)


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