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Go Ahead, Praise the Boss

Bosses need positive feedback too, but often they hear only problems and complaints. As they are resource experts and troubleshooters, it might feel counterintuitive to think they need support from subordinates. Positive feedback has a favorable impact on everyone, so it can add measurably to a positive workplace. Everyone benefits when that happens. Tips: 1) Express genuine appreciation and praise. Don’t be insincere or patronizing. Be specific, not by saying, “Hey, you’re an awesome boss,” but by simply pointing out specific examples of how what they did made a difference. Be genuine—if you don’t “feel it,” take a pass. 2) There’s no need to be drippy, emotional, or effusive. Simply share the observation. Hint: Be sure to complement your praise by being a good worker yourself, or the feedback you offer may be less appreciated.

Kristina Johanson | 6/22/2023

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