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Boost Your Team's Positivity

Many workplace teams experience stress, but it is often made worse by not nurturing a team culture that can maintain high morale and resilience. Take these steps to reinforce team positivity: 1) Decide to not just perform tasks. Instead, agree on a common vision and set up goals. Then post them. 2) Lose the cynicism and believe in the organization, or discover how to rekindle this loyalty so you have a foundational purpose with your employer and a real reason to engage that naturally pulls you forward. 3) Don’t avoid the manager; determine how to elicit praise for your successes. Praise from the boss is pure currency to boost morale. 4) Regularly set aside a few minutes to have honest discussions about issues—even if a moment of silence passes as members consider what’s relevant. Don’t allow only a concern or issue to be what prompts such meetings. You may miss the opportunity to resolve a problem early-on. Recommended reading: “The Team-Building Tool Kit: Tips, Tactics, and Rules for Effective Workplace Teams.”


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