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URMC / Employee Assistance Program / News & Events / UR Medicine EAP Blog / July 2017 / Soft Skill to Know: Employee Flexibility

Soft Skill to Know: Employee Flexibility

Change can come quickly in the workplace. How well do you cope with sudden office moves, reassigned duties, taking on more work, or being removed from an unfinished project to start another one? You may have no control over corporate decisions requiring difficult change, and coping with this sort of stress requires learning to be flexible. Flexibility demonstrates tolerance, maturity, understanding, and a desire to engage with the organization. Responding to change with a cooperative attitude, an open mind, and a positive disposition is not easy, but it’s a soft skill that’s valued by employers. To become more flexible, see forced change as a new opportunity. This attitude will help you cope with stress, see the positive aspects of change, spot new opportunities, improve your skills, and perhaps discover new ways of experiencing work-life balance.


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