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Involve Kids in Healthy Lunches

Here is a brilliant way to get kids to eat the healthy lunch you pack for them and send to school. Experts say that the more you can get your child to participate in the planning and shopping for and preparation of his or her lunch, the more likely it will be eaten. Sit down with a list of options in each of the main food groups—fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean protein, and low-fat dairy. Allow your child to pick favorites in each category. The technique teaches balanced meal planning, organizational skills, and commitment. Your child is less likely to pick over the lunch, will understand nutritional needs better, and will take responsibility for choices. There is less of a chance the lunch will end up in the trash. [Search “kids lunch”]

The University Farmers Market is a great place to pick up fresh foods for your kids lunch.

Well-U also partners with The Good Food Collective to offer Fall shares of fresh fruits and veggies for pick-up every Thursday at URMC starting Oct. 3 through the end of November. Members can pick up weekly deliveries right behind Flaum Atrium. Shop for your share  now through September 26.






Tracy Bussey | 9/6/2016

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