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Hot Tip for Resisting Holiday Overeating

Here come the holidays—and the eating and the guilt. Wait! Here’s an idea from research conducted by Vanessa Patrick, Ph.D. During the holidays, when you come face to face with tempting food, try saying, “I don’t eat that!” Research discovered that 80 percent of women who used those words stuck with their good eating habits compared with 10 percent of women who said, “I can’t.” Amazingly, saying “I can’t” gives you less of a sense of empowerment than saying “I don’t.” Join Well-U and Dr. Thomas Campbell, clinical director of the UR Program for Nutrition in Medicine, for a presentation on how to boost your willpower to maximize healthful choices and habits on Wednesday, December 7 from 12-1 p.m. in Helen Wood Hall, Room 1W502. Enroll online.



Tracy Bussey | 12/2/2016

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