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New Year’s Resolution Checkup

Don’t give up on your New Year’s resolution. Look for roadblocks: (1) Is your goal specific? (e.g., I will dedicate 30 minutes daily to writing my book on organic gardening.); (2) Can you measure progress? (e.g., “It’s been 14 days, and I have written 13 pages.); (3) Is your goal attainable? (e.g., There are 365 days per year to fit in 150 days of writing.); (4) Is your goal realistic? (e.g., “I have time in the morning each day for the task.”); and (5) Is your goal timely with a deadline? (e.g., “I will complete my goal in 12 months by writing 12 to 13 pages per month.”) If you discovered any missing elements, create them now to renew motivation. Log your progress, and tell a friend who will hold you accountable for progress in order to ramp up your chances for success.

For UR Employees

Need a little guidance to meet your wellness goals? The URWell employee wellness program offers lifestyle management programs to eligible individuals. Become healthier and stay healthier by making small, meaningful changes you can maintain over time. Programs include weight loss, stress-reduction, smoking cessation, and more. To enroll, visit the Well-U enrollment page or call (585) 530-2050.

Global Administrator | 2/4/2016

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