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Stay Energized at Work

Working out or going to the gym every day before work can be a big challenge, but it will help you stay more consistently energized during the workday. If you typically get groggy in the afternoon, try this five-day experiment. Schedule a 20-minute brisk walk daily during your lunch hour or early afternoon. This routine will cause you to feel more awake, less sluggish, and less likely to doze off in the afternoon, thereby raising your productivity.

Strong EAP joins Well-U and Behavioral Health Partners for a presentation, “Physical Activity and Mood”, Thursday, September 20 from 12-1 p.m. Learn more and enroll online.

Have you been wanting to learn to run? Well-U and the YMCA will offer an 8-week couch-to-5k program starting this month. Visit the Well-U website for more information and to enroll.





Tracy Bussey | 9/11/2016

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