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Stress Tip: Improve Your Self-Starter Ability

We all procrastinate, but the stress of a looming deadline and feeling you can’t act until it’s crunch time can make you feel out of control. Stop this self-punishing cycle by becoming a better self-starter. 1) Ignore the desire to plan and organize yourself until you feel “ready” to start a project. This is resistance masquerading as preparation. Instead, dive in. 2) Decide how much to accomplish within a set amount of time, for example, one hour. This shrinks the perceived size of your task. 3) If you procrastinate, you may also be distractible. Both may play a role in helping you avoid work. Fight back by working in a “boring” location and taking planned breaks instead of allowing distractions. Close down Enemy #1—email, and its never-ending signal alert to another message.

Strong EAP joins Well-U for “Reduce Stress with Self Care”, a presentation on Tuesday, September 27 from 12-1 p.m. in Helen Wood Hall, room 1W501. Enroll online.




Tracy Bussey | 9/18/2016

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