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Managing "COVID Fatigue"

After months of social distancing, lockdowns, favorite businesses being shuttered, and a lot fewer places to go for recreation, meals, and entertainment, are you feeling "COVID fatigue"?The term was first coined in July, but the condition appears to be real. Feeling bottled up, intensely irritable, and frustrated are the symptoms, but it is also compounded by grief for the loss of a way of life you once knew and anxiety associated with not knowing when it will return. COVID fatigue may place you at risk for increased substance use, poor diet, mismanaging a health condition, poor exercise, domestic abuse, relationship disharmony, depression, and generally putting plans for your life on hold. Don’t settle for the consequences of COVID fatigue. Take action with help from a professional counselor or other guidance that empowers you to take charge.

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Keith Stein | 9/3/2020

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