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UR Medicine / Otolaryngology (ENT) / Speech Pathology / Patient Experience


Strong Stars

Katherine is an asset!

Katherine provided us with feeding suggestions and speech milestone explanations. Katherine was beyond helpful with ideas to help my 18-month-old develop and expand on her feeding and eating as well as speech milestone suggestions! What an asset Katherine is to URMC!

Jaime is a blessing!


Jaime is a blessing! I came into my appointment feeling hopeless with tears in my eyes not knowing where to start and what to do because of my lost memory after surgery. She gave me encouragement and hope that I can start improving how to do things and live an easier life again. Her direction and ideas are helping me with my poor memory to function in life again. Jaime's knowledge, kindness, and and her desire to help were an inspiration. I left with a smile, encouraged, and hope in my heart. Thank you, Jaime!!

Thank you Liz!


Liz took a careful history and explained the procedure. She gently scoped my larynx, then shared the video with me. Her professional manner with a personal touch put me at ease.

Above and Beyond Care!


We had a patient come in who had her tracheoesophageal puncture fall out over the weekend. The SLPs who had the skillset and access to supplies to replace it were not on call at the time, so we were considering admitting the patient and/or keeping her NPO until the following day. The patient was understandably highly anxious about staying in the hospital, especially given COVID concerns. And she was also at high risk for aspiration with the TEP out. Pete learned about this and came in over the weekend to replace the TEP despite having the weekend off. He had stated that this was not a good time for any of our patients to spend a night in the ED if we can avoid it. This expedited this patient's care and most significantly, prevented her from having to stay overnight or remain NPO any longer than she needed to be. She was extremely appreciative and we are too.

Compassionate, Patient

Amy has done a tremendous amount of work, with time and effort and patience, to help one of our most complex rehab patients find her voice again and begin to advocate for herself. So much has come out as a result of Amy's efforts! The patient had so much to say, thank you!

Thank you, Ashtin!

Ashtin was very positive and happy to do her best! It is important for me to be as independent as possible. Thank you, Ashtin!

Thank you so much, Annie!

Annie was assigned to do a swallowing test on my mother when she was in the hospital. Because of my mother's dementia, she was generally not very cooperative, but Annie was able to engage with her, had her laughing, and was able to get her to open her mouth. She also distracted her long enough for the nurse to change the bed sheets . She was really kind and helpful to my mother! With my mother's dementia, she often cannot comprehend what is going on and why. That makes her very distrusting and uncooperative with any medical staff. Because of Annie's skill and compassion, she was able to reassure my mother, at a time when the family could not visit because of COVID-19. This reassurance made the tests possible and she was able to return to her home sooner which was very important. Also because of Annie's kindness, my mother actually remembered her from a previous hospital visit, which shows this is how Annie always does her job.

Thank you, Sheryl and Gerriann!

Sheryl and Gerriann have saved me from having surgery by teaching me many strategies to improve breathing! They believed in me and encouraged me to improve my voice and breathing! They inspired me to not give up in the face on my many Parkinson's problems over the past 4 years. They always look to provide me the newest strategies and for me to stick with them!

Thank you, Annie!

Annie has an upbeat, positive attitude and approach. She sought out working with my loved one throughout her stay. Annie always gave excellent explanations and encouraging feedback. My loved one loves working with Annie, responds to her style, and makes significant improvements in her care.

Thank you, Lisa!

Lisa was caring, professional, and very informative! She was upbeat and enthusiastic about her role in educating and helping me! I very much appreciate her services. I received detailed explanation of my condition and how to proceed from there. She asked questions and offered encouragement! She's a great asset to U of R Medicine!