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Addiction Psychiatry Lecture Series

This required series is designed with the educational needs of the addiction psychiatry fellow in mind and attended by other rotating psychiatry trainees.  It is open to other psychiatric Fellows. Topics are wide-ranging and pertinent to Addiction Psychiatry. They are presented by a variety of faculty members from Psychiatry and other URMC specialties as well as clinical leaders within addiction psychiatry. Topics could include:Nicotine Use Disorder Diagnosis and Treatment

  • Neurobiology of Addiction
  • Level of Care Assessment – Guiding Principles
  • Harm Reduction Principles in Addiction
  • Sedative-Hypnotic use disorders: screening, diagnosis, withdrawal and medical management
  • Alcohol: At-risk use, use disorder, withdrawal management, and treatment
  • Diagnosis and Treatment of Cannabis Use Disorder
  • Diagnosis and Treatment of Opioid Use Disorder
  • Medications for Opioid Use Disorder: Matching the Treatment to the Patient
  • Toxicology Screening in Addiction
  • Gambling Disorder
  • Parental Substance Use in Pregnancy: Neonatal Effects
  • Adolescent Substance Use: Prevention, Early Intervention & Treatment
  • Co-occurring Psychiatric Disorders: Depression & Anxiety
  • Co-occurring Psychiatric Disorders: Trauma & Psychosis
  • Co-occurring Pain and Substance Use Disorders
  • Co-occurring Medical Disorders: Infectious Disease Considerations
  • Medical Sequelae of Alcohol Use Disorder: The Liver and Beyond
  • Psychotherapeutics in Addiction
  • 12-Step and Other Peer Recovery Support Models
  • Health Equity in Addiction Treatment
  • Addressing Stigma in Addiction
  • Criminal-Legal System Considerations in Addiction Treatment
  • History of Addiction Medicine and Addiction Psychiatry
  • Telehealth in Addiction Treatment
  • Emerging Research Trends in Addiction Treatment

Lectures to be given by the Fellow

Fellows are expected to devise and deliver at least 3 lectures to junior psychiatry residents or other trainees on topics of Addiction Psychiatry.


In addition to rotation-specific (bedside) supervision, Fellows will receive an hour of 1:1 supervision per week with the Program Director. The supervision will focus on rotation-specific topics and pertinent literature, collaboration and supervision skills, practice improvement, development of professional identity, and work-life balance.

Psychiatry Grand Rounds

These weekly presentations occur from September through May. During the summer (July - August), the weekly Grand Rounds is replaced by the weekly Brown Bag series, which focuses on matters of diversity, equity, and inclusion.