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Program Director

Myra Lynette Mathis, M.D.

Myra Mathis, MD
Addiction Psychiatrist

Dr. Mathis is a general adult and addiction psychiatrist who serves as the medical director for Strong Recovery, UR Medicine’s primary outpatient substance use disorder treatment program. Her academic interests include racial health equity in mental health and addiction treatment, and innovations in medical education for the treatment of substance use disorders.  


Gloria J. Baciewicz
Gloria Baciewicz, MD
Addiction Psychiatrist

Mary E. Burdick
Mary Burdick, DO
Child & Adolescent Psychiatry & Addiction Medicine

Annabel Fu
Annabel Fu, MD
Psychiatry & Addiction Medicine     

Kirk Harris
Kirk Harris, MD
Internal Medicine & Psychiatry      

Jade Malcho
Jade Malcho, MD
Toxicology and Addiction Medicine        

Steve Novak
‚ÄčSteve Novak, MD
Family Medicine & Addiction Medicine

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Neha Pawar, MBBS
Psychiatry, Pain and Addiction Medicine       

Timothy Wiegand
Timothy Weigand, MD
Toxicology and Addiction Medicine