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Dominick DeFelice, MD

Dominick DeFelice, MD
UR Highland Primary Care Sports Medicine Fellow 2022-2023


Andrew Hamm, DO

 Andrew Hamm, DO
UR Highland Primary Care Sports Medicine Fellow 2022-2023




David Lee, MD

David Lee, MD
UR Highland Primary Care Sports Medicine Fellow 2021-2022


Robert Eberly, MD

Robert Eberly, MD
UR Highland Primary Care Sports Medicine Fellow 2021-2022



Dominique Stevens, MD

John McNeil, MD
UR Highland Primary Care Sports Medicine Fellow 2020-2021

"I chose URMC because of the breadth of sports medicine exposure, stellar academic profile, and great working relationship with orthopaedics and sideline/sports clinic autonomy. This is definitely a dark horse program people on the west coast are starting to ask about.

I particularly enjoyed the sports med clinic/sideline autonomy. Having to make medical decisions regarding athletes without always having oversight from your fellowship director/assistant fellowship director/faculty. 

I am from Los Angeles and have spent too much time in Houston. In both of these cities, I have spent too much time in my car in gridlock. The lack of traffic in Rochester is wonderful."


Dominique Stevens, MD

Dominique Stevens, MD
UR Highland Primary Care Sports Medicine Fellow 2019-2020

"I chose this program because of its excellent reputation and most importantly the diversity of the faculty.  Diversity and inclusion is a core value of mine, which is often times difficult to come across in this field. In order to grow and develop as not just a doctor but as a human being, it is imperative to learn from people of different backgrounds with many different experiences and perspectives.  This program offers that opportunity for growth and education from their faculty. From the beginning, everyone I encountered made sure I felt welcome and always held my best interest and my goals as a top priority.

What I like best about this program is its variety and breadth of experiences. From the strong academic and research exposure to the myriad of athletic event coverage at all levels of competition, this program is extremely well rounded. Under the tutelage of the core PCSM as well as the adjunct orthopedic faculty and athletic training staff, this program consistently produces well rounded primary care sports medicine physicians who will have the skills and resources to pursue pretty much any career path of their choosing. As with any new chapter in life there is a sense of trepidation, but I wholeheartedly believe this program has given me the education and support I need to successfully transition to my post-fellowship role as the newest addition to the team of physicians for Northwestern University Athletics.

The best part of living in Rochester would have to be Wegman’s or Pittsford Dairy! We don’t have Wegman’s in Northeast Ohio, and at first I was skeptical about all the hype regarding a grocery store. Now I completely understand and my life has changed for the better. I honestly don’t know what I’m going to do with myself without it in Evanston. For the local Rochesterians, there is no explanation needed for the wonder that is PFD. For anyone who is unfamiliar and who enjoys dairy products or baked goods I promise you will not be disappointed. Just trust me on this one and try arguably the best ice cream I’ve ever had...and I’ve had A LOT of ice cream in my day."


Stephanie MacDonald, DO

Stephanie MacDonald, DO
UR Highland Primary Care Sports Medicine Fellow 2018-2019

"I chose the URMC fellowship program because I am from the Rochester area and did my residency training at URMC as well, and knew about the excellent reputation of this fellowship program, the training the former fellows had received, and the amazing fellowship faculty.

I liked the exposure to a variety of sports and event coverage, learning from a number of different physicians and surgeons at URMC, and working closely with the core faculty who treated me as a respected colleague.

I may be biased being born and raised in Rochester, but I love the city and did decide to return here for my medical training and practice.  It is a wonderful place to raise a family, and I enjoy all of the seasons and outdoor activities the city has to offer."    


Ethan Beaudett, MDEthan Beaudett, DO
UR Highland Primary Care Sports Medicine Fellow 2017-2018



Sarah Vengal, MDSarah Vengal, MD
UR Highland Primary Care Sports Medicine Fellow 2016-2017



Craig Betchart, MDCraig Betchart, MD
UR Highland Primary Care Sports Medicine Fellow 2015-2016


Maria Karipidis Pouria, MD

Maria Karipidis Pouria, MD
UR Highland Primary Care Sports Medicine Fellow 2014-2015  

"I chose to complete my primary care sports medicine fellowship at URMC because I knew I would be exposed to a broad spectrum of athletic injuries, surgical orthopaedic subspecialties, and the opportunity to work in a variety of team settings with substantial hands-on experiences at all levels. 

I felt that I received extensive supervised training in musculoskeletal procedures, including ultrasound guided injections, compartment pressure testing and orthobiologics, including platelet-rich plasma therapy; sideline and concussion management.  

These skills I acquired enabled me to confidently transition into an independent primary care sports medicine attending. As a Rochester native, I appreciate its cultural diversity and small community, sports town vibe.  Four season outdoor activities are plentiful with numerous parks, canal and nature trails, and proximity to Lake Ontario, the Finger Lakes, and skiing at Bristol Mountain."


Christine Persaud, MDChristine Persaud, MD
UR Highland Primary Care Sports Medicine Fellow 2013-2014





Matthew Capuano MD

Matthew Capuano MD
UR Highland Primary Care Sports Medicine Fellow 2012-2013

"Having trained at URMC/HFM I was confident that the quality of sports medicine fellowship would be a superior experience. Working with world class orthopedic specialists and faculty one on one was the most thrilling experience of my career. Rochester has a diverse and rich culture that is easily accessible and family friendly. Most commutes are 15 minutes or less and the quality of life is high. Also Wegmans."