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Our Facilities

Pediatric Emergency Department

ED main desk

The Pediatric Emergency Department is run by the Department of Emergency Medicine. It is staffed by Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellowship trained attendings and some Emergency Medicine trained physicians with a special interest in pediatrics. Dedicated Peds-EM nurses provide specialized, high-quality pediatric emergency care. The Department is a shaped in a semi-circular design, enabling staff to visually monitor every room from a central work area. A DVD/television is included in each room to help keep young patients occupied. Child-life is specialists provide access to toys and books and dispense plenty of TLC to distract and entertain children while they are in our care.

Adult Emergency Department

EDIn March 2001, Strong Memorial Hospital opened its doors on a new Emergency Department. This design has served as an international model for other emergency departments. More recently, the ED has been enhanced and expanded with two state-of-the-art additions: Burn Trauma ICU and Pediatric Intensive Care/Pediatric Cardiac Care ICUs.

The Emergency Department contains approximately 120 beds. It incorporates several different, yet interconnected sections.

Critical Care Bay

(All activated traumas are seen here)

The Critical Care Bay, containing seven large treatment bays. The facility is commensurate with Strong Memorial Hospital’s status as a Regional Trauma Center. It is staffed around the clock with a 2nd and 3rd year EM resident, 2-3 nurses, and a patient care tech.  Each trauma bay is stocked with all major equipment necessary for a major trauma or medical emergency. Pediatric trained PEM fellows staff this unit in the role of senior EM residents and hence have ample experience with critically ill patients, and the procedures needed in their care. There is ample room in these bays to accommodate portable ultrasound, as well as ventilators and teams involved in major resuscitations.

Fellows on helipadEmergency Psychiatry (CPEP)

Psychiatric emergencies are dealt with by medical clearance in the Emergency Department and definitive psychiatric care is delivered by the Department of Psychiatry in a dedicated Psychiatric Emergency Department (CPEP).

Observation Unit (27 Beds)

The 27-bed Observation Unit is housed above the Emergency Department and is run by the Department of Emergency Medicine.  There, patients aged 16 y and up are in-house for less than 24 hours and provide us with outstanding access to intermediate care.

Emergency Radiology Suite

(2 CT scanners dedicated to the ED patient)

Two of the trauma bays are equipped with overhead radiology. Additionally, two CTs and other radiology suites are readily accessible at the rear of the bay through a sliding door.

Helicopter Pad

A helicopter landing pad is located on the roof of the hospital, with direct elevator access to the ED.


Emergency Department Layout