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Sample Rotation Schedule

Year 1

Block Fellow 1 Fellow 2 Fellow 3
1 Consult Med/surg ICU Surgical ICU
2 MICU Consult Med/Surg ICU
3 SubSpecialty MICU Consult
4 Med/Surg ICU SubSpecialty MICU
5 Consult Med/Surg ICU SubSpecialty
6 MICU Consult Med/Surg ICU
7 Sleep/Night Float MICU Consult
8 Consult Sleep/Night Float MICU
9 MICU Consult Sleep/Night Float
10 Pull MICU Consult
11 Procedures/Night Float Night Float/Procedures MICU
12 Surgical ICU Med/Surg ICU Night Float/Pull
13 Med/Surg ICU Surgical ICU Procedures


  • "Day" fellows cover 6:30 AM until 6:30 PM, Mon-Fri; night" fellow covers 6:30 PM until 6:30 AM, Sat-Thurs
  • Weekend coverage is divvied up by fellows; typically, each fellow works 12-14 weekends per year
  • Schedule does not reflect the four full weeks of vacation granted each year

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Year 2

Block Fellow 1 Fellow 2 Fellow 3
1 Research Research Pull/Research
2 Night Float/Research Pull/Night Float Research
3 Research Pull/Research Research
4 Research Research Research
5 Research Research Night Float/Research
6 Research Research Research
7 Pull/Research Research Research
8 Research Research Night Float/Research
9 Research Research Pull/Research
10 Research Research Research
11 Research Night Float/Research Consult
12 Consult Research Research
13 Night Float/Pull Consult Research

Year 3

Block Fellow 1 Fellow 2 Fellow 3
1 Consult/SubSpecialty Consult MICU
2 Consult/Night Float Research Research/SubSpecialty
3 MICU Neuro ICU Consult
4 Night Float/PUll Research Research/Pull
5 Research Research FF Thompson
6 Procedures/Research Research Cardiac ICU
7 Research Research/Pull Research/Night Float
8 Neuro ICU Consult/Pull MICU
9 Research Research/Night Float Research/Pull
10 Research/Pull Research SubSpecialty/Night Float
11 Research MICU Neuro ICU
12 Research/Pull Research Consult/MICU
13 Research Research Research