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Bushra Ahmad

Bushra AhmadED alias / nickname: Top Chef
Care to explain its origin?: I'm a good cook?
How do you like your coffee?: With two shots of espresso in it!
Previous lives: Neighborhood badminton pro
Reason for choosing Rochester: I thought they had a great program with everything I needed and great faculty. On my interview day, I felt comfortable and loved all the interactions I had.  Also, it is very close to my home. 
Favorite spot in Rochester: Highlan​d park with my dog
Favorite book besides Tintinalli: Rosen's (jk, "When Breath Becomes Air;" "The Kite Runner;""I am Malala")​

Kyle Barbour

Kyle BarbourED alias / nickname: Linux
Care to explain its origin?: I am root
How do you like your coffee?: Black as tar
Previous lives: Lumberjack, radio host, Lindy Hopper, mountain rescuer, punk, needle exchange organizer
Reason for choosing Rochester: Kind people, diverse population, activism, seasons​
Favorite spot in Rochester: Red Fern
Favorite book besides Tintinalli: Debt: The First 5,000 Years, by David Graeber

Daniel Bral

Daniel BralED alias / nickname: Needle Stick
Care to explain its origin?: If you want to know then ask me
How do you like your coffee?: Black, strong, and sometimes sweet… like my beard
Previous lives: EMT, competitive above-water breathing trainer, graduate research associate, post-retirement full-time employment specialist, expert volunteer
Reason for choosing Rochester: The amazing people and nature.   The U of R community was incredible when I came to interview. Everyone was so nice and kind. There was such a diverse group of people, everyone was so welcoming and excited to be there. And the amazing reputation of the department and institution only made the decision easier!
Favorite spot in Rochester: Cobbs Hill Park. It’s got everything: a hill for running or sledding, pick-up games, festivals, a water reservoir, and it’s my “backyard”!
Favorite book besides Tintinalli: Dan Brown's works, the Gabriel Allon series by Daniel Silva, and most other books that you can find in a bookstore at the airport! 

Tanya Bucierka

Tanya BucierkaED alias / nickname: Blush
Care to explain its origin?: You'll see when I am put on the spot!
How do you like your coffee?: Preferably a latte from Starbucks, but cream with a splash of coffee will also do!
Previous lives: Cheesecake Factory server, scribe, and nanny
Reason for choosing Rochester: It’s HOME and an amazing place to train! 
Favorite spot in Rochester: Too many to choose from, but top spots include WEGMANS, Abbott’s, Public Market, being on the lake in Webster, and any outdoor patio
Favorite book besides Tintinalli: Anything written by Chelsea Handler 

Fabiola Enriquez

Fabiola EnriquezED alias / nickname: Thumper
Care to explain its origin?: Watch a Disney movie
How do you like your coffee?: With a side of Omeprazole :) I like to drink Matcha Green tea
Previous lives: Dancer, aerialist, health educator, researcher
Reason for choosing Rochester: I came to Rochester as a visiting student and I loved it!
Favorite spot in Rochester: Park Ave
Favorite book besides Tintinalli: Como Agua para Chocolate by Laura Esquivel

Philip Graber

Philip GraberED alias / nickname: Flounder
Care to explain its origin?: I like to go fishing...a lot!
How do you like your coffee?: With cream
Previous lives:  Concrete, USMC, Bench Research
Reason for choosing Rochester:  Good culture, good coffee, and the critical care bay!
Favorite spot in Rochester:  In any local creek with a fly rod
Favorite book besides Tintinalli:   “The Big Brag” – Seuss,“The Man Who Was Thursday” –  Chesterton

Myles Jerrett

Myles JerrettED alias / nickname: Chubbies™
Care to explain its origin?:  My appreciation for Chubbie™ shorts
How do you like your coffee?: Czarna
Previous lives: Bania Luka and Pijalnia connoisseur/expert customer... American ambassador to Poland... basketball gym rat... less than amateur musician.
Reason for choosing Rochester:  Awesome music scene, food is on point, the people in this program rock my socks, and my better half loves it here!
Favorite spot in Rochester: On the couch with the lady watching The Office.​
Favorite book besides Tintinalli: Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell, Stiff by Mary Roach, All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr, and Where's Waldo

Carl “IV” Mirus

Carl “IV” MirusED alias / nickname: Sunshine​
Care to explain its origin?: Remember the Titans?
How do you like your coffee?: With milk
Previous lives:  Sign Language Interpreter
Reason for choosing Rochester: Rochester is home to a huge Deaf community that I wanted to work with. Spent a month here and ended up loving the place
Favorite spot in Rochester: Park Ave!
Favorite book besides Tintinalli: Anything Dan Brown or Michael Crichton

Malik Sams

Malik SamsED alias / nickname: Fresh Prince
Care to explain its origin?: From West Philadelphia born and raised...
How do you like your coffee?: I add just enough creamer so that the color of the coffee matches my skin tone! 
Previous lives: Research scientist with government clearance, parking-lot attendant, drove a delivery truck
Reason for choosing Rochester: Because 4 years in college at UR just wasn’t enough! Proud alumnus, I chose Rochester for its great reputation, diverse patient population and the amazing people who make up this residency program.
Favorite spot in Rochester: Letchworth State Park at night under the stars
Favorite book besides Tintinalli: Anything by Daniel Silva

Albert Shih

Albert ShihED alias / nickname: Early Bird
Care to explain its origin?: I guess I'm always early!
How do you like your coffee?: Dark and sophisticated
Previous lives: EMT, research lab manager, designer of cellphone graphics
Reason for choosing Rochester: Definitely the people. The atmosphere is incredibly fun and collegial.
Favorite spot in Rochester: Pittsford Wegmans (even though I came from Texas, where HEB rules, I personally prefer Wegmans) and when I’m in the mood for ice cream- Pittsford Dairy.
Favorite book besides Tintinalli: Anything by Dan Brown or Michael Crichton

Adam Sykes

Adam SykesED alias / nickname: Frankensykes
Care to explain its origin?: Between my marfinoid habitus, neanderthalian brow, and my last name, it basically wrote itself!
How do you like your coffee?: Espresso, french press, pour over, drip, cold brewed and COPIOUS. I like coffee.
Previous lives: EMT, cell phone salesman, Jack in the Box shift leader, survey peddler, grocery store stocker, and factory worker
Reason for choosing Rochester: Cohesive and supportive staff and residents at a superb training site, it was an easy choice!
Favorite spot in Rochester: Farmer's market by morning, Park Ave by night
Favorite book besides Tintinalli: Harry Potter series historically, Dune currently

Joshua Trenkamp

Joshua TrenkampED alias / nickname: Wild Beaver
Care to explain its origin?: I have no idea--ask an upper classman
How do you like your coffee?: Free
Previous lives: Phlebotomist, Ezio Auditore, Marcus Fenix
Reason for choosing Rochester: The interview. Everyone I met seemed super down to earth, eager to help, and just all around great people. I definitely haven't been disappointed
Favorite spot in Rochester: The Finger Lakes, The Distillery, and my own bed
Favorite book besides Tintinalli: Goodnight Moon, Ready Player One, A Thousand Splendid Suns

Emily Wanamaker-Gibbs

Emily Wanamaker-GibbsED alias / nickname: Dirty Water
Care to explain its origin?: Whitewater rafting at Letchworth State Park
How do you like your coffee?: I like my coffee cup best when it’s filled with tea
Previous lives: High school diving coach
Reason for choosing Rochester: I had a fantastic experience on my Sub-I and loved the people
Favorite spot in Rochester: Village of Fairport Canal Walk
Favorite book besides Tintinalli: Harry Potter Series

Samantha Williams

Samantha WilliamsED alias / nickname: Little Syd
Care to explain its origin?: I guess I resemble Dr. Chamberlin
How do you like your coffee?: With milk or as Italian espresso
Previous lives: Patient care assistant, substitute teacher, group home aide
Reason for choosing Rochester: I chose Rochester because of the people I met on my interview day.  Everyone was friendly, easy to talk to, and down to earth.  I immediately felt like it was an environment I could learn best in. 
Favorite spot in Rochester: Rochester Public Market
Favorite book besides Tintinalli: The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett



Stephen Artim

Stephen ArtimED alias / nickname: Joe P Light
Care to explain its origin?: Guess I’m a little like JP
How do you like your coffee?: Hot, strong and with nothing in it
Previous lives: Psychiatric worker, Instructor and Scribe
Reason for choosing Rochester: Location. Also the importance put on patient centered care and doing what’s right spoke to me.
Favorite spot in Rochester: Any outdoor patio
Favorite book besides Tintinalli: Truman by David McCullough

Andrew Bragg

Andrew BraggED alias / nickname: Special K
Care to explain its origin?: I like to think that it has to do with my great love of breakfast cereal
How do you like your coffee?: Hot and plentiful
Previous lives: A friendly otter
Reason for choosing Rochester: I loved going to medical school here, and URMC was by far the friendliest program I interviewed for
Favorite spot in Rochester: Highland Park
Favorite book besides Tintinalli: A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson

Andrew Dunkman

Andrew DunkmanED alias / nickname: Sparkle Pony
Care to explain its origin?: I think it's self explanatory
How do you like your coffee?: Black
Previous lives: Tutor, Commercial Real Estate Agent, Researcher
Reason for choosing Rochester: Everyone is friendly and its not too hot
Favorite spot in Rochester: Wegman's​, pending further exploration
Favorite book besides Tintinalli: Porter Cable Dovetail Jig Advanced Instruction Manual

Jeffrey Lane

Jeffrey LaneED alias / nickname: Spider Monkey
Care to explain its origin?: I like to climb things
How do you like your coffee?: However I can get it
Previous lives: Pilot, outdoor trip leader, climbing bum, volunteer park ranger
Reason for choosing Rochester: For the fun and down to earth people….and the weather
Favorite spot in Rochester: The Genesee River Trail
Favorite book besides Tintinalli: Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, Desert Solitaire, The Snow Leopard

Rebecca Lowy

Rebecca LowyED alias / nickname: Dr. Frizzle
Care to explain its origin?: Magic School Bus style (generally smiling, eccentric ginger who uses travel or magic or a bit of both to interest people in science). I think they picked it because of the hair, though.
How do you like your coffee?: ROK, aeropress, or rapid infuser
Previous lives: Farm hand, traveler, kid wrangler, ambulance driver
Reason for choosing Rochester: The people - they’re smart, friendly, and super inclusive. The strong clinical reputation didn’t hurt, either.
Favorite spot in Rochester: The Public Market, Cheshire
Favorite book besides Tintinalli: The Fact of a Doorframe or most anything else by Adrienne Rich, Mary Oliver, Audre Lorde

Rachel Nelson

Rachel NelsonED alias / nickname: Full Nelson
Care to explain its origin?: My last name... I'm not quite Steve, but I'm excited to continue the Nelson legacy in the ED
How do you like your coffee?: No coffee for me, but I do like tea! Rooibos in particular...
Previous lives: Orchestral saxophonist, camp counselor, pizza maker
Reason for choosing Rochester: Rochester has top-notch teaching and clinical experience, and it was clear on my interview day that the program is one of the most supportive groups of people that I could ever hope to have my back during residency. The city itself is pretty awesome, too!
Favorite spot in Rochester: Irondequoit Bay and other city parks, I also love Kilbourn Hall at Eastman School of Music
Favorite book besides Tintinalli: I Shall Not Hate, The Kite Runner, The Bible, Enders Game

David Rupprecht

David RupprechtED alias / nickname: Dandrew
Care to explain its origin?: Some say I look like Ballew and Rotando; what an interesting hybrid that would be...
How do you like your coffee?: I prefer other caffeinated beverages instead
Previous lives: Basketball Coach, EMT, Landscaper, Resident Assistant, Tutor
Reason for choosing Rochester: It’s an academically strong program with many opportunities for success and career development. The individuals here are intelligent, supportive, and extremely personable.
Favorite spot in Rochester: Anywhere outdoors
Favorite book besides Tintinalli: Outliers: The Story of Success (by Malcolm Gladwell)

Lisa Ryder

Lisa RyderED alias / nickname: Night Ryder
Care to explain its origin?: I am a total night owl.  I worked nights in EMS for more than 10 years and loved it.
How do you like your coffee?: Sweet and creamy :-)  Dunkin’ caramel swirl is my favorite!!
Previous lives: I was a Critical Care Paramedic in the greater Rochester area (and briefly in southern Florida).  I worked with several great agencies and some amazing co-workers and EMS “family”.  I was heavily involved in EMS leadership, and served as faculty at the MCC Paramedic Program in the role of Clinical Coordinator.  I also previously worked at Strong in the Emergency Department as a patient care technician, more than 15 years ago.
Reason for choosing Rochester: I was “coming home.”  Rochester has been my home city since just after high school.  I already knew URMC EM was a strong program, with fantastic and supportive faculty.  It was a natural and easy decision for me.
Favorite spot in Rochester: Strong Hospital Helipad - looking out over the city.  It is beautiful.  Wegman’s in Pittsford is a close second.
Favorite book besides Tintinalli: Charlotte’s Web - been my favorite since I was a kid, and I enjoy reading it now with my nieces and nephews.

Nicholas Taylor

Nicholas TaylorED alias / nickname: FOOSH
Care to explain its origin?: Broken wrist from resident softball, good way to start
How do you like your coffee?: Chai tea
Previous lives: Grew up in Colorado, Peace Corps Mali '09-'11, vagrancy
Reason for choosing Rochester: Got a great vibe from everyone I interacted with, and liked the feel of the city as well
Favorite spot in Rochester: Beer Market so far
Favorite book besides Tintinalli: Let Us Now Praise Famous Men

Austin Tenney

Austin TenneyED alias / nickname: Sasquatch
Care to explain its origin?: Apparently my gait, stature, and hirsute simulate this mythical creature
How do you like your coffee?:  Iced with almond milk and coconut syrup, or hot mixed with lots of chocolate
Previous lives: Pretending to be a healthy outdoor vegan gluten free Coloradan with my wife. We truly binge on Netflix and Hulu, and eat lots of pizza
Reason for choosing Rochester: Hands down the people that make up this program!
Favorite spot in Rochester: Since I feel like it would be wrong to say Costco. I’m going to have to go with walks/biking along the Genesee River.
Favorite book besides Tintinalli: Rosen

David Thornberry

David ThornberryED alias / nickname: Nigel
Care to explain its origin?: The Wild Thornberry’s and I can speak to animals sooo it was a no brainer…
How do you like your coffee?: Dark and complex with a touch of class, pinkies up always
Previous lives: Professional bringer of food and soft cheeses, machinist, landscaper, traveling nun, wizard of whimsy, Tennessee-Walker horse trainer/cowboy
Reason for choosing Rochester:  When I met the faculty here and residents during the interview it was completely apparent that this was home. They genuinely and deeply care about making this program the best place to learn and grow as a resident. The residents and faculty also had a camaraderie and friendliness that I had not seen anywhere else on the trail.
Favorite spot in Rochester: Definitely, the multiple dog parks around the area and the great running trails along the river. Anywhere I can bring my furry wolfdog which typically involves trail running or hiking.
Favorite book besides Tintinalli: Too many favorites to choose from. To Kill a Mockingbird, Toms River, The KingKiller Chronicles, Wool, Crime & Punishment, any of Cormac McCarthy or Kurt Vonnegut.

Adam Weltler

ED alias / niAdam Weltlerckname: Big Daddy
Care to explain its origin?: I have kids. 2 too many kids. Who I love dearly.
How do you like your coffee?:  Cold in the summer. Hot in the winter.
Previous lives: Documentary cameraman for The Weather Channel, History Channel, A&E, etc. Hurricanes, gangs, prisons - I covered all the glamorous locations.
Reason for choosing Rochester: I came here for my away rotation because I had a free place to stay and hit the jackpot. The residents, the attendings, and everyone involved with the program are awesome, plus the training is unbeatable. My wife grew up an hour away, and we have family and friends in the area which made it a perfect fit for our family.
Favorite spot in Rochester: I'm still exploring, but so far my patio and backyard with the wife and kids is an easy favorite.
Favorite book besides Tintinalli: Back when I had time to read books for pleasure, it was most anything by David Foster Wallace. Now most of my book reading is with my kids and it's Dragons Love Tacos.

Christopher Williams

Christopher WilliamsED alias / nickname: Maple Syrup
Care to explain its origin?: From Vermont?
How do you like your coffee?: Lots of cream, no sugar. Sometimes I'll add coconut oil if I'm feeling really fancy
Previous lives: Ski bum, Hobbit, Halo nerd
Reason for choosing Rochester: It became very clear on interview day that the people here have a great sense of humor and are very passionate about what they do. The program checks all of right boxes when looking for an EM residency, but ultimately finding the right group of people to work with was most important to me.
Favorite spot in Rochester: The Genesee river trail has made for an excellent, traffic-free, bike commute to campus so I've been really grateful to have that.
Favorite book besides Tintinalli: A Song of Ice and Fire series by George Martin

Wen Zhang

Wen ZhangED alias / nickname: Wennie the Pooh
Care to explain its origin?: I’m an adorable honey-loving bear? (Or my name is similar to “Winnie”)
How do you like your coffee?: 1/3 ice, 1/3 simple syrup, 1/3 milk, a splash of coffee
Previous lives: Restaurant cashier, intramural sports player-coach, professional student
Reason for choosing Rochester: Kind, friendly people, comfortable environment, great EM residency!!!!
Favorite spot in Rochester: Pittsford Dairy Farm to gorge on ice cream, and then the Rochester JCC to burn off the calories
Favorite book besides Tintinalli: Ender’s Game

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Vincent Ceretto

Vincent CerettoED alias / nickname:  Tollbooth
Care to explain its origin?:  Refuse to give all my money to a toll jockey
How do you like your coffee?:   Only if it is in ice cream.
Previous lives:  Mechanic, Basketball player, Adventurer (with my dogs)
Reason for choosing Rochester:  The people of Rochester are super friendly and down to earth. There are tons of activities going on at any given moment and everyone makes you feel welcome to participate. Even if you're afraid of the snow, you too will be grateful to be at this incredibly distinguished program.
Favorite spot in Rochester:  Anywhere with this group of colleagues.
Favorite book besides Tintinalli:  Science and history books

Kate Ford Daniels

Kate Ford DanielsED alias / nickname: Henry Ford
Care to explain its origin?: It matters not what someone is born, but what they grow to be
How do you like your coffee?:  Black, like the dark knight
Previous lives: A madman with a box
Reason for choosing Rochester:  I asked myself: in all of time and space, everything that ever happened or ever will- where do I want to start?
Favorite spot in Rochester: the corner of no and where
Favorite book besides Tintinalli: all of them because humans need fantasy to be human. To be the place where the falling angel meets the rising ape.

Nels Grauman Neander

Nels Grauman NeanderED alias / nickname:  Lucy
Care to explain its origin: TBD
How do you like your coffee?:  Fair trade, shade grown, organic, gluten free, free-range, non-gmo, carbon-neutral, wild-caught
Previous Lives:  engineer, Special needs instructor, Balloon twister, Chicken chaser
Reason for choosing Rochester: Friendly and supportive workplace culture,  happy residents, live-able city with lots to do.
Favorite Spot in Rochester:  Anywhere there's a festival
Favorite book besides Tintinalli:  I really enjoy Cats Cradle, The Brothers K by David James Duncan, Waiting for the Barbarians and The Kingkiller Chronicle.

Trevor Halle

Trevor HalleED alias / nickname: Samwise
Care to explain its origin: I'm short, friendly and helpful, always hungry, and prefer to be barefoot whenever possible (the Hobbit from Lord of the Rings)
How do you like your coffee?  Iced and/or Irish
Previous lives: EpicCare Ambulatory Tech Support for a year before med school
Why did you choose Rochester? The outgoing, laid-back people who work hard, play hard and love to spend time together
Favorite spot in Rochester:  By the river or canal
Favorite book besides Tintinalli:  Children of the Mind (last book of the Ender's Game series) by Orson Scott Card

Andrew Jesson

Andrew JessonED alias / nickname:  Prophylactic
Care to explain its origin:  I was on antibiotic prophylaxis for Pertussis
How do you like your coffee? Sassy, yet intuitive.
Previous lives:  Bagger of groceries, deliverer of cookies, server of cakes and coffee, husband (still active in this field), seller of books, graduate student, library drone, proofreader of ancient religious texts, vendor and mender of watches, music store clerk, compounder of tinctures and ointments both soothing and noxious, freelance camera assistant and gaffer (film and video), video editor, compounder again, father (still active), phlebotomist, herder of murine cancer cells... That's most of it, I think.
Reason for choosing Rochester: I felt an immediate connection to the faculty and residents when I came to interview, the ED here sees a wide variety of populations and pathologies, and my wife and I were drawn to the opportunities Rochester offers us and our kids without being too big for our comfort.
Favorite spot in Rochester: So far, it's either the breakwater where Irondequoit Bay meets Lake Ontario, or Ballew's basement. (It's so cozy.)
Favorite book besides Tintinalli:  Children's picture book category: Owl Moon. Painfully sincere category: The Plague. Silly (but still sincere) category: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, read out loud in phony British accents on a long road trip.

Robert (Bobby) Lachky

Robert (Bobby) LachkyED alias / nickname:  Jaw thrust
Care to explain its origin?:  My jaw?
How do you like your coffee?  5 shot Americano with cream and 2 raw sugars
Previous lives: Portho resident, urgent care doc
Reason for choosing Rochester:  Chose Rochester because it seemed like a great program with down to earth staff and residents that were very smart but didn't take themselves to seriously (Daniel and Andrew's speech to the interviewees where there was no factual or useful information about Anything sealed the deal)
Favorite spot in Rochester: Strong ED
Favorite book besides Tintinalli:  The winds of war by Herman Wouk. You should read it its great

Carly Loner

Carly LonerED alias / nickname: Platypus
Care to explain its origin?:  I like plaid.  A lot.
How do you like your coffee? caffeinated and hot, cream and sugar
Previous lives: alpaca farmer, kayaker
Reason for choosing Rochester: The people are fun, passionate about what they do, and love to teach.  Plus, Rochester has a lot of summer festivals. And of course there's Wegmans.
Favorite spot in Rochester:  Irondequoit Bay: great hiking, paddling, and restaurants. It's everything you need.
Favorite book besides Tintinalli:  A Monster Calls. It's good.

Linda Lou

Linda LouED alias / nickname: Caddyshack
Care to explain its origin?: Live next to the notorious Cadillac Hotel
How do you like your coffee? Deep, dark, and layered.
Previous lives: Cafe waitress, English teacher, Brain Trauma Research Coordinator
Reason for  choosing Rochester:  The people!
Favorite spot in Rochester: Fuego coffee
Favorite book besides Tintinalli: A New Earth, The Great Gatsby, Think Like a Freak, Le Petit Prince, Harry Potter and The Cormoran Strike Series, The Solitude of Prime Numbers, Jerusalem A Cookbook...

Johannah (Joey) Merrill

Johannah (Joey) MerrillED alias / nickname: Ripped Roo
Care to explain its origin?: I like cross fit
How do you like your coffee?:  In ice cream form. I don't drink coffee but I could never say no to some cappuccino crunch!
Previous lives:  Rehabbing abused horses. Gelato expert
Reason for choosing Rochester:  I chose Rochester because I never found another group of residents & faculty as awesome as these and I knew they were the people I wanted to have my back at 2 am.
Favorite spot in Rochester:  My backyard - I get to run around in the grass barefoot playing soccer with my dog while my kitties frolic in the sun.
Favorite book besides Tintinalli:  Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Bryan Ross

Bryan RossED alias / nickname:  Happy trees
Care to explain its origin?: In honor of one of the great artists of the 20th century, Bob Ross
How do you like your coffee?:  Tall, black and preferably from Fuego, although Starbucks will do in a pinch and Tim Horton's will do in desperation
Previous lives: Tutor, lab tech, office temp and for a short time as a baker
Reason for choosing Rochester:  Upstate NY is stunning, you will find no better co-workers in the country, and there's a heavy emphasis on good food and better coffee up here.
Favorite spot in Rochester: The Genesee River trail
Favorite book besides Tintinalli: The Narrow Road to the Deep North, and The Catcher in the Rye.

Julie Scarpino

Julie ScarpinoED alias / nickname:  J Point
Care to explain its origin:  Jeremy Schorr
How do you like your coffee?:  Milk and sugar
Previous lives: Worked as a sailing and swimming instructor for 4 years
Reason for choosing Rochester: I chose Rochester because it's a great program with amazing people. I love the resident camaraderie here and everything this area has to offer.
Favorite spot in Rochester: Anywhere on the water
Favorite book besides Tintinalli: Killing Kennedy

Jeremy Schorr

Jeremy SchorrED alias / nickname:  Pauly Shore
Care to explain its origin?:  Because of my last name?
How do you like your coffee?:  Black
Previous lives:  401k Operations Manager – Paychex
Reason for choosing Rochester: It's Home
Favorite spot in Rochester: Grimes Glen in Naples
Favorite book besides Tintinalli: Leadership

Daniel Stratz

Daniel StratzED alias / nickname:  Saadalleew
Care to explain its origin?:  I'm a cross between Dan Saada and Daniel Ballew?
How do you like your coffee?:  Black
Previous lives: Engineer, pizza chef
Reason for choosing Rochester: Everyone seemed happy on interview day, it just felt like a good fit.
Favorite spot in Rochester:  So far Letchworth, but I'm hoping to keep exploring the outdoors and find other great spots to hike.
Favorite book besides Tintinalli:  Into Thin Air

Jennifer Wills

Jennifer WillsED alias / nickname:  Wings
Care to explain its origin?: I ended up bringing chicken wings to the retreat but missed the naming ceremony so I believe that's the main reason behind it
How do you like your coffee?:  Frequently and with cream
Previous lives:  English teacher in Spain, lab tech, bartender
Reason for choosing Rochester? I am originally from Rochester and did an away rotation in the ED at Strong during my 4th year of medical school. I was incredibly impressed with the program and the people and couldn't imagine continuing my training anywhere else!
Favorite spot in Rochester:  Mendon Ponds Park, Public Market, my mom's house
Favorite book besides Tintinalli:  Love in the Time of Cholera