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Kassaundra Amann, MD

Kassaundra Amann, MDHow do you like your coffee?: I like tea better! Right now, iced chai is my favorite
Previous lives: Research Coordinator in Children's Nephrology, Cabin and Trail Crew Leader, Interfaith Undergrad Adviser
Reason for choosing Rochester: I did an away here and was really impressed by how warm, welcoming, and interested in teaching everyone was. I also liked the strong academic nature of the program and how I'd be able to pursue lots of my special interests in EM. Plus my family's from the area and I love Rochester!
Medical School: University of Utah School of Medicine
Favorite spot in Rochester: Highland Park during lilac season or swimming in Lake Ontario
Favorite book besides Tintinalli: Crossing to Safety by Wallace Stegner or pretty much any book set in the western U.S., fiction or non-fiction

Kristina Awan, MD

Kristina Awan, MDHow do you like your coffee?: Creamy and delicious!
Previous lives: I've been a lifelong student! Growing up I was a competitive cheerleader and spent a lot of time horseback riding. My sisters and I used to compete in local rodeos.
Reason for choosing Rochester: I really connected with the people I spoke to during my interview. They described how this program offered an uplifting, supportive learning environment where residents and faculty viewed each other as family.
Medical School: Nova Southeastern University
Favorite spot in Rochester: Dave's Ice Cream in Batavia
Favorite book besides Tintinalli: I'm always reading new things! I recently read The Alice Network and really enjoyed it.

Michael-John Beltejar, MD, PhD

Michael-John Beltejar, MD, PhDHow do you like your coffee?: The way I like our universe: black with infinite volume and sprinkled with some intrigue
Previous lives: The details of my life are quite inconsequential…very well, where do I begin? My childhood was typical. Summers in Rangoon, luge lessons. In the spring we’d make meat helmets.
Reason for choosing Rochester: Curriculum is fantastic, co-residents are awesome, this is a great place to raise a family
Medical School: University of Rochester School of Medicine & Dentistry
Favorite spot in Rochester: Where ever my wife and kids happen to be; The Auditorium, Velvet Belly, Pittsford Canal and our secret fishing hole are all tied for second place
Favorite book besides Tintinalli: World War Z, Batman and Philosophy, The Best of the Journal of Irreproducible Results, Anonymous Rex, American Gods, Death:the High Cost of Living

Nia Botkin, DO

Nia Botkin, DOHow do you like your coffee?: Iced with an extra shot of expresso
Previous lives: Waitress, Nanny, EM Scribe
Medical School: Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine
Reason for choosing Rochester: Close to family, the people in the program are amazing and very supportive
Favorite spot in Rochester: Bristol Mountain, Finger Lakes
Favorite book besides Tintinalli: A Farewell to Arms by Ernest Hemingway

Cullan Donnelly, MD

Cullen DonnellyHow do you like your coffee?: I aspire to be a coffee snob someday, but for now whatever is in my hands, warm, and highly caffeinated will have to do.
Previous lives: I feel like given my love for the water and recently discovered vitamin D deficiency, I was definitely a pirate in another life. And I need more sunlight.
Reason for choosing Rochester: The residency leadership and culture were among the highest factors, along with the fact that nothing gets referred out of Strong Memorial Hospital. I firmly believe that this program is going to make me a highly competent attending. Also, the proximity to large bodies of water, Wegman's, and the fact that Bills Mafia is still highly represented here. I'm from Buffalo and am pretty familiar with the area.
Medical School: Jacobs School of Medicine & Biomedical Sciences - SUNY Buffalo
Favorite spot in Rochester: : Dinosaur Barbecue
Favorite book besides Tintinalli: Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Kaila Druetto, DO

Kaila Druetto, DOHow do you like your coffee?: With just enough cream to stave off the GERD that is associated with the gallons I drink a week.
Previous lives: Mosquito hunter, health benefits advocate, program coordinator for post-secondary success, community gardens manager, sustainable farm-er, waitress, ice cream scooper
Medical School: Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine
Reason for choosing Rochester:  I chose Rochester because I felt like, more than any other program I interviewed with, the people here were genuine about their mission. They care deeply about their patients and are committed to providing us with everything we need to become socially-conscious physicians ready to better the field of emergency medicine. Since being here, that has only been proven true. On top of that- everyone really seemed down to earth and kind. My expectations have only been exceeded on that front!
Favorite spot in Rochester: So many options to be outside and near or on the water! The beaches on Ontario Lake, walking/running/biking along Genesee river. The Rochester Public Market. Can't wait to find more!
Favorite book besides Tintinalli: Wait - do people still read books? Ask me about my podcast lineup.

Kenneth Felsenstein, MD, PhD

Kenneth Felsenstein, MD, PhDHow do you like your coffee?: Strong
Previous lives: Many years of school and research- PhD, Biotech Masters, Cancer Research Fellow. Coolest job I had before EM was one summer when I was paid to walk around town, look at trees, and ride a boat around the Baltimore Inner Harbor... Before Rochester, I previously lived in San Francisco (briefly), Denver/Boulder/Aurora Colorado, Los Angeles, outside Washington DC, Baltimore, New Jersey, and England.
Reason for choosing Rochester: Above all I felt that I connected really well with the people I met on my interview day and got a strong sense that this was a very family friendly program where I would be nurtured and supported on a personal as well as professional level. My partner and I plan to build our family during residency. In terms of program structure, I was excited about the research opportunities and the critical care bay shifts as a PGY 2/3, since I am interested in critical care fellowship.
Medical School: University of Colorado School of Medicine
Favorite spot in Rochester: Durand Eastman Beach is quite beautiful. Also a big fan of the Public Market! Super cheap veggies!!
Favorite book besides Tintinalli:​ Rosen's, of course ; ) I also am a fan of The Good Earth by Pearl Buck.

Abby Frank, MDAbby Frank, MD

How do you like your coffee?: I like when my coffee is actually Red Bull
Previous lives:Trampoline park enthusiast, waitress, preschool camp counselor, amateur trapeze artist, college diver, Emergency Department Research Associate and PAL in the Strong ED (where I fell in love with EM!)
Reason for choosing Rochester: I moved here for undergrad, and Rochester has become my home over the past 10 years.
Medical School: University of Rochester School of Medicine & Dentistry
Favorite spot in Rochester: At home playing board games with my husband
Favorite book besides Tintinalli:​ Anything by C.S. Lewis; the Gift of Pain by Paul Brand

Holland Garbacz, DO

Holland Garbacz, DOHow do you like your coffee?: With cream, although I could always go for espresso!
Previous lives: Gymnastics coach, office manager, still a cat-mom
Medical School: Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine
Reason for choosing Rochester: This program has the family atmosphere / spirit that I was looking for and also happens to be my home! I am so excited to be training in my home community.
Favorite spot in Rochester: I have many, but Leaf and Bean in Chili has my heart.
Favorite book besides Tintinalli: Pet Sematary by Stephen King

Matthew Lambrych, MD

Matthew-LambrychHow do you like your coffee?: With lots of sugar and no coffee
Previous lives: Dog enthusiast, dog walker, dog dad
Reason for choosing Rochester: The faculty and sense of community
Medical School: University of Rochester School of Medicine & Dentistry
Favorite spot in Rochester: Durand Eastman Beach
Favorite book besides Tintinalli: Sherlock Holmes

Hannah Norton, DO

Hannah NortonHow do you like your coffee?: Usually black and strong, but every now and then go for something super sweet!
Previous lives: Travel Scribe, Office Manager, Dog Walker
Medical School: Campbell University School of Osteopathic Medicine in North Carolina
Reason for choosing Rochester: On my interview day, everyone seemed so supportive and encouraging. I loved the sense of community that permeates this program as well as the huge number of opportunities that are available here. No matter your interest, the leadership here will help you find a way to cultivate it. This was an early interview for me, and I compared every other program to it - it just felt like the right fit!
Favorite spot in Rochester: I'm new to the area, so still discovering all the options! You can usually find me somewhere hanging out with my dog, Bear. Mendon Ponds has been a recent go-to for hiking! I'm looking forward to exploring more of the beer and wine scene too!
Favorite book besides Tintinalli: To Kill A Mockingbird, Anne of Green Gables, Jurassic Park, also love a murder mystery

Daniel Petroccione, MD

Daniel Petroccione, MDHow do you like your coffee?: Black with lots of sugar
Medical School: SUNY Upstate
Previous lives: Hockey coach, Teacher, Food scientist, DEC representative and State Fair worker
Favorite spot in Rochester: Ontario Beach
Favorite book besides Tintinalli: Jurassic Park

Cole Schailey, DO

Cole Schailey, DO / Class of 2025How do you like your coffee?: Deconstructed (as a bowl of beans & a glass of sugar milk)... uh... next question! 
Reason for choosing Rochester: After doing my one away rotation for the year here (thanks COVID), it was really a no-brainer. The attending physicians were all extremely patient, kind, and eager to teach. The patient population was extremely diverse, and usually very sick/complex. The camaraderie was second to none, as the residents clearly all loved being together and always had each other's backs. With the large number of opportunities and resources available here, and the constant support the program leadership gives you, there was not much more you could ask for in a program!
Medical School: Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine
Previous lives: I'm like 78% sure I was a Pterodactyl at some point.
Favorite spot in Rochester: Rochester Public Market, Ellison Dog Park with my dog, any place with a good garbage plate, Young's Korean Resturant, sometimes Buffalo Rd Tinseltown movie theatre if there's a new Marvel movie out
Favorite book besides Tintinalli: Stuff that makes me sound smart: Think Again/Originals by Adam Grant. Stuff that I actually read because it has pictures that appeal to my ape brain: One Piece, Jujutsu Kaisen, Chainsaw Man, occasional dc/marvel comic

Neel Tarikeri, MD

Neel Tarikeri, MDHow do you like your coffee?: Iced Cold Brew
Reason for choosing Rochester: URMC has a lot to offer, especially with its critical care bay and high patient volume and acuity, but it was my experience during my interview day that truly sold me. I could tell that everyone in the program (from the program leadership to the new interns) loved that they were here. Every place that you interview at tells you that their program is very supportive of their residents and that they’re extremely tight-knit, but I left the interview day feeling that they really meant it. 
Medical School: SUNY Upstate
Previous lives: Lifelong student
Favorite spot in Rochester: Still exploring, but Beer Park and Ontario Beach Park are early frontrunners
Favorite book besides Tintinalli: ​Sparknotes


Swetaleena Dash, MD

Dash_SwetaleenaHow do you like your coffee?: Iced with lots of creamer
Previous lives: Medical assistant, translational medicine researcher
Reason for choosing Rochester: Great academic emergency medicine program with the friendliest people! Everyone only had nice things to say about the program and city.
Medical School: University of Texas Medical Branch
Favorite spot in Rochester: Mendon Ponds
Favorite book besides Tintinalli: To Kill a Mockingbird

Austin Ferrier, MD

Austin FerrierHow do you like your coffee?: Black cold brew or homemade lattes
Previous lives: Installing pools, chemistry TA, bar bouncer
Reason for choosing Rochester: Clicked with faculty/residents on interview day and love the balance of city, suburb and rural all within 20 minutes. It's also within a reasonable distance to my family and I have some friends who live in the area.
Medical School: Stony Brook School of Medicine
Favorite spot in Rochester: Beer Park, being on the boat in Irondequoit Bay or Lake Ontario and Hungry's plate wraps
Favorite book besides Tintinalli: Harry Potter series and going down the Wikipedia rabbit hole

Spencer Foutz, DO

Foutz_SpencerHow do you like your coffee?: Personally I prefer the kids menu - a good caramel apple cider always hits the spot!
Previous lives: I worked in residential construction for a long time, mostly in drywall doing the finishing work. Other than that I was a custodian, patient care tech, and research assistant. I also spent a semester in Shanghai as an English Teacher.
Reason for choosing Rochester: The people here are just awesome and the area is beautiful! I felt welcomed from the start and was very impressed during virtual events with how much everybody liked each other and the program - EVEN with all the stress and unknowns of COVID! It's also a really fun area for my family and the schools are great.
Medical School: Touro University Nevada
Favorite spot in Rochester: Getting ice cream at the famous Pittsford Dairy and working it off kayaking or hiking at Mendon Ponds
Favorite book besides Tintinalli: Either the Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg or Multipliers by Liz Wiseman

Demi Galindo, MD

Demi GalindoHow do you like your coffee?: Lots of cream, could honestly probably drink coffee all day long
Previous lives: Scribe, lab instructor, diamond slinger
Medical School: University of Washington
Reason for choosing Rochester: Leadership was super down to earth and made what could have been a super awkward Zoom interview feel like I was in Rochester. Residents talk of the critical care bay got me super excited too.​
Favorite spot in Rochester: The beach! Beer park is also a great place to take your dog and hang
Favorite book besides Tintinalli: Outliers, Becoming by Michelle Obama, White Coat Investor was super informative

Christopher Howard, DO

Christopher HowardHow do you like your coffee?: Vanilla latte with cinnamon
Previous lives: Patient care technician, D1 wrestler
Reason for choosing Rochester: Great program with a fun group of residents. The faculty is very supportive and awesome to work with. Rochester is home for both my fiancé and me and it is nice to be around family.
Medical School: Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine (LECOM)
Favorite spot in Rochester: : I have many. In the summer you can find me on a boat in Irondequoit bay. For dinner - Good Luck. For cocktails - Daily Refresher. For best pancakes - McCann’s local meat market (I’m not joking)
Favorite book besides Tintinalli: The White Coat investor books

Josef Ianni, MD

josef IanniHow do you like your coffee?: Room temperature or cold/iced black coffee
Previous lives: Intramural sports player, youth mentor, lifeguard, trombonist
Medical School: St. George's University School of Medicine
Reason for choosing Rochester:  The people are supportive, kind, and approachable. Rochester is close to home (Toronto) and experiences all four seasons. Great program with high volume and a diverse patient population. A ton of bars and restaurants.​
Favorite spot in Rochester: Any of the beaches in Rochester, Unter Biergarten or Half Pint Pub
Favorite book besides Tintinalli: Where's Waldo?, Guinness World Records and Spot The Difference

Luke Johnson, MD

Luke JohnsonHow do you like your coffee?: Without sugar or cream, or until GCS is at least 13
Previous lives: Air sample technician, package sorter, waiter, interpreter for my parents
Medical School: University of Washington
Reason for choosing Rochester: The Deaf community, exploring the East Coast, and the faculty here.​
Favorite spot in Rochester: On the couch with my dog and a good book (2nd place is the Beer Market with our department)
Favorite book besides Tintinalli:​ To Kill a Mockingbird, A Catcher in the Rye, Kingkiller Chronicles, Slaughterhouse-Five, and When Breath Becomes Air

Trent JohnsonTrent Johnson, MD

How do you like your coffee?: I’m more of an herbal tea or juice kind of guy
Previous lives: English teacher, chemistry TA, CNA, cancer researcher, Spartan racer
Reason for choosing Rochester: The faculty, staff, and residents were all great to work with during my rotations - friendly, eager to teach, and fun to be around.
Medical School: University of Rochester
Favorite spot in Rochester: Mendon Ponds, Lake Ontario, the many running trails nearby.
Favorite book besides Tintinalli:​ Fiction: The Name of the Wind
Non-Fiction: Mindset

Melanie Montano-Brooks, DO

Melanie MontanoHow do you like your coffee?: Black
Previous lives: Paramedic
Medical School: Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine - Middletown
Reason for choosing Rochester: Location, tons of things to do inside and outside, Letchworth State Park, Finger Lakes, also fairly close to in-laws.
Favorite spot in Rochester: New York Beer Project
Favorite book besides Tintinalli: Brain on Fire

Shelby Parker, MD, MPH

Shelby ParkerHow do you like your coffee?: With cream and sugar, or nitro cold brew.
Previous lives: Server x8 years, ED chief scribe, paramedic
Reason for choosing Rochester: URMC offers all the perks of a well-resourced academic medical center with plenty of opportunities to explore community and rural practice settings, as well as time to explore my professional interests within EM. I was also very impressed with the faculty and residents on my (virtual) interview day - the close family vibe was definitely something I wanted to be a part of.
Medical School: St. George's University SOM on the beautiful Caribbean island of Grenada
Favorite spot in Rochester: I'm new to the area so still exploring all the local spots, but so far I'm a big fan of Radio Social and Marge's Lakeside Inn!
Favorite book besides Tintinalli: To Kill A Mockingbird

Stefani Schmitz, MD

Stefani SchmitzHow do you like your coffee?: Black and in large quantities
Previous lives: Kayaking guide, lifeguard, swim instructor, tutor
Medical School: SUNY Upstate
Reason for choosing Rochester: Rochester had been my #1 since early in med school. I wanted to stay in the northeast, and Rochester's reputation is unparalleled. I did a virtual rotation here and really loved the faculty and residents. Everyone was so welcoming and made me feel at home! I couldn't be happier to be here!
Favorite spot in Rochester: Public Market and Pittsford Dairy
Favorite book besides Tintinalli: When Breath Becomes Air (Paul Kalanithi)

Sarah Smetana, MD

Sarah SmetanaHow do you like your coffee?: With lots of whipped cream and sugar!
Medical School: University of Texas Medical Branch
Previous lives: Scribe, Dancer, Pokémon trainer
Favorite spot in Rochester: Barnes & Noble at University of Rochester – What better way to show my enthusiasm for my new home than to buy all the branded merch!
Favorite book besides Tintinalli: The Lord of Rings, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Fahrenheit 451, The Princess Bride

Andrew Smith, MD, PhD

Andrew SmithHow do you like your coffee?: None. Strong loose leaf black tea with a little milk every morning. Just pure Ceylon or Assam.
Reason for choosing Rochester: Fun, smart, and supportive faculty and residents. People who make coming in to work a joy.
Medical School: University of Rochester
Previous lives: A life-long student Virology PhD, finished in the spring of timed it perfectly.
Favorite spot in Rochester: My wood-shop and my garden.
Favorite book besides Tintinalli: Empire of the Summer Moon. It is a shocking ice-bath of 19th century reality on the Texas Frontier for both Settlers and Native Americans.

Gymar Vargas, MD

Gymar VargasHow do you like your coffee?: Strong
Reason for choosing Rochester: I was thrilled to couple's match here along with my fiance. The people here are welcoming, genuine and supportive. I liked how engaging and friendly the faculty was during my interview; I felt that I could connect perfectly with the program. Also, the ability to be exposed to high acuity and diverse patient populations makes the program, for me, a hidden gem.
Medical School: San Juan Bautista School of Medicine
Previous lives: Chef, Poet, Astronaut
Favorite spot in Rochester: The Finger Lakes, Ontario Beach and Beer Market
Favorite book besides Tintinalli: ​The Harry Potter series, When Breath Becomes Air


Marek Falkowski, MD

Amir AliHow do you like your coffee?: Either black or disgustingly sweet. Can’t say no to a double double either.
Previous lives: Basically a lifelong student, but I’ve spent four years doing lab research. Also had a job at a grocery store for a bunch of years.
Reason for choosing Rochester: The people are the first thing that comes to mind! Everybody was so genuinely nice during my interview. Also, literally everybody I talked to about the program only had good things to say about it. Didn’t hurt that I love Western New York too!
Medical School: Jacobs School of Medicine, University at Buffalo
Favorite spot in Rochester: So far it’s a fight between Wegman's and Pittsford Dairy. Still looking for more places!
Favorite book besides Tintinalli: The Count of Monte Cristo if I had to pick one book. Game of Thrones if I get to pick a series.

Emily Fitzgerald, MD

Emily FitzgeraldHow do you like your coffee?: Dripped, french-pressed, iced, cold brewed. I'm flexible... as long as there's plenty of it!
Previous lives: EMT, Pediatric Clinical Researcher, Tutor, Motel maid, Librarian's Assistant
Medical School: Tufts University School of Medicine
Reason for choosing Rochester: ​The supportive residents and faculty, the high volume and diverse patient population, and the great reputation. Additionally, I'm originally from Rochester and I know that it is a great place to work and live!
Favorite spot in Rochester: Charlotte Beach, Schoen Place on the Erie Canal, Letchworth Park, and the Park Ave area
Favorite book besides Tintinalli:  One Hundred Years of Solitude (Gabriel García Márquez), When Breath Becomes Air (Paul Kalanithi)

Bryan Fregoso, MD

Bryan FregosoHow do you like your coffee?: I take it black, like my questionable 1980 movie reference.
Previous lives: First I was a tiger, a snake, a clod, a goat with a hat, then me.
Reason for choosing Rochester: I didn't so much choose Rochester as Rochester chose me (but seriously, aside from this being a unique and awesome Emergency Department everyone is so genuine, kind, and supportive).
Medical School: Jacobs School of Medicine, University at Buffalo
Favorite spot in Rochester: My house and the places that help me stay home like Barnes & Noble, Trader Joe's, Costco, and Millennium Games.
Favorite book besides Tintinalli: ​The Martian, The Witcher series, and anything by Inio Asano.

Susana Gutierrez-Luke, DO

Susana Gutierrez-JukeHow do you like your coffee?: Flowing all day and with a little french vanilla creamer
Previous lives: Resident Advisor, Research Coordinator, server at Cobblestone Creek CC, Target and Tim Horton's employee, babysitter
Medical School: Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine
Reason for choosing Rochester: ​The people are awesome! I did a sub-I and everyone was inclusive, supportive, kind, fun, smart and down-to-earth. Plus it's a great hospital to train at with high patient volume and acuity. Lastly, it's HOME for me!
Favorite spot in Rochester: On my deck in my backyard and hiking outdoors (so far I've enjoyed Corbett's glen, Mendon ponds, Webster Park and Chimney bluffs)
Favorite book besides Tintinalli:  Lately I've only been reading articles in ACEP Now, but in general fav's include A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, anything by Isabel Allende, Twilight series, Gabriel Garcia Marquez short stories,The Giver, and Don Quijote

Stephanie Hernandez, MD

Stephanie HernandezHow do you like your coffee?: It depends on the day. Today, I had Nitro Cold Brew
Previous lives: Wilderness EMT, Colorado Stream Ecologist, AmeriCorps - FEMA Corps NCCC Team Member, Navy Midshipman, Swim Team Coach/Lifeguard
Reason for choosing Rochester: I was impressed with the Critical Care Bay, the numerous research projects, and the kind, supportive people at URMC. I’m excited about all the unique opportunities including: flight medicine, international electives, and the wilderness medicine track. I also wanted to pick up some new winter/snow hobbies!
Medical School: Augusta University – University of Georgia Medical Partnership (Medical College of Georgia)
Favorite spot in Rochester: All the easily accessible trail running—Powder Mills Park, Whiting Park, Mendon, Lake Ontario, Letchworth, the Finger Lakes.
Favorite book besides Tintinalli: ​Jurassic Park! Harry Potter and The Hunger Games are close contenders

Hongyi Kang, MD

Hongyi KangHow do you like your coffee?: Soy milk, no sugar, with a lemon poppy seed muffin would be best :D
Previous lives: Biostatistics, neuroscience research
Medical School: University of Rochester
Reason for choosing Rochester: ​The people here are family to me, the seasons here are stimulating to me, the patients here are lovely to me. It has it all here.
Favorite spot in Rochester: The Finger lakes, Mendon Ponds and Bristol mountain!
Favorite book besides Tintinalli:  The Three-Body Problem

Matthew Kolbeck, MD

Matthew KolbeckHow do you like your coffee?: Plentiful. Black.
Previous lives: Dishwasher, Retail, Scribe
Reason for choosing Rochester: As cliche as it is, I just had a gut feeling that this was the right program for me during my interview. I thought the people were exceptionally welcoming, the program was very strong, and the combination with the location was exactly what I was looking for.
Medical School: Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine
Favorite spot in Rochester: TBD post-COVID. Currently, I've enjoyed spending some time and fishing at Mendon Ponds.
Favorite book besides Tintinalli: ​Harry Potter series, Game of Thrones (even though I have a long way to go), The Martian. (I should probably read more...)

Jillian Korn, MD

Jillian KornHow do you like your coffee?: Black
Previous lives: FroYo bartender and fruit fly researcher
Medical School: Jacobs School of Medicine, University at Buffalo
Reason for choosing Rochester: ​I had a great experience rotating here! The faculty and residents love to teach and I was impressed with the diversity and acuity of the patient population. And to top it all off, my family is close by.
Favorite spot in Rochester: Any of the parks and Abbott’s Custard
Favorite book besides Tintinalli:  Mountains Beyond Mountains by Tracy Kidder

Andrew Kozminski, MD

Andrew KozminksiHow do you like your coffee?: In the form of ice cream... like everything else! (otherwise... can't stand the stuff)
Previous lives: Paladin Barbarian named Gregorian from Ice Wind Dale... hmm I used to want to be a vet... then a geochemist... then a doctor... I honestly just want to go diving all the time. Maybe I was a whale at some point.
Reason for choosing Rochester: Everything clicked! The faculty and other interviewees just seemed like people I would get along with. And, they seemed to genuinely want to support me and the other residents accomplish our goals. Turns out it's all real!
Medical School: University of Michigan Medical School
Favorite spot in Rochester: In my house or backyard with my wife and 2 dogs. Ellison dog park. The lake. Tokyo Japanese Restaurant. The ED. And maybe a movie theater or gym when those open up again...?
Favorite book besides Tintinalli: ​I'm a big Audible fan, but, The Homeland series by RA Salvatore. Red Rising was superb. Currently enjoying the Red Mars series

Hunter Lau, MD

Hunter LauHow do you like your coffee?: Black
Previous lives: Table busser, Tutor, Chemistry TA, ED scribe, Level 80 warlock
Medical School: University of Wisconsin
Reason for choosing Rochester: ​Vibed with the residents more than any of my other interviews, a really fun and easy going group to be around. Also, the program's reputation for being a strong academic center with great clinical exposure.
Favorite spot in Rochester: Cobb Hill Park - it has an awesome view of the city, basketball courts, and an outdoor gym. Also, Three Heads Brewery.
Favorite book besides Tintinalli:  Fiction: Lord of the Rings, Nonfiction: The Selfish Gene

Joely Merriman, MD

Joely MerrimanHow do you like your coffee?: Fancy with pretty foam art from Ugly Duck
Medical School: University at Rochester
Previous lives: Waitress at Middle Eastern restaurant, artist working with oils and 3D sculpture, model builder at health care design firm, architecture student, law school admin, physics instructor, rainwater harvesting consultant, capacity building at a research lab in Brazil, Portuguese translator
Reason for choosing Rochester: Home of the biopsychosocial model and the friendliest, most welcoming department with strong research. Any idea you have there are people here excited to hear about it and develop it.
Favorite spot in Rochester: I love the El Camino Trail and Turning Point Park.
Favorite book besides Tintinalli: A Thousand Years of Nonlinear History by Manuel De Landa, A Pattern Language by Christopher Alexander, Haitian short stories (Patrick Sylvain, Raoul Altidor, Maurice Sixto)

Dennis Nmecha, MD

Dennis NmechaHow do you like your coffee?:Ice cold and black!
Previous lives: Tutor, intramural basketball player, amateur NBA debater and restaurant connoisseur
Medical School: Albany Medical College
Reason for choosing Rochester: ​My interview day was amazing! I had great conversations with Dr. Bodkin and Dr. Rotoli, spanning from the innovative academic curriculum and opportunities they provide to the evolving diversity initiatives the program are implementing. I truly felt at home. The welcoming family oriented atmosphere by faculty and residents combined with the dense volume, diverse pathology you will see in the city of Rochester made choosing this program a no brainer.
Favorite spot in Rochester: Peppa Pot (The most exquisite West Indian food you'll taste)
Favorite book besides Tintinalli:  The seven habits of highly effective people, The tipping point: How little things can make a big difference

Chris Tuttle, DO

Chris TuttleHow do you like your coffee?: I'm more of a Mountain Dew extra sugar?
Medical School: Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine
Previous lives: Hockey Instructor, Spanish Interpreter, Lawn Mower
Reason for choosing Rochester: We love the area and people! It is a great combination of things to do in the city and fun for the family outdoors. I felt very welcomed by the other residents and staff when interviewing and visiting. We also have a lot of family in the area which is fun for ourselves and our kids.
Favorite spot in Rochester: The many hiking and biking trails, Strong Museum of Play
Favorite book besides Tintinalli: Man's Search for Meaning (for me), The Good Egg (for my kids)

Thijs Wolf, DO

Thijs WolfHow do you like your coffee?: With extra cream and caramel
Previous lives: Lifeguard, Soccer coach
Medical School: Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine
Reason for choosing Rochester: ​Excellent residents and faculty, great restaurants and it's nice to be close to my wife's family.
Favorite spot in Rochester: Dinosaur BBQ swiftly followed by a brownie sundae from Abbot's. Also, the Genesee Brew House is a great place to hangout.
Favorite book besides Tintinalli:  Beneath a Scarlet Sky by Mark Sullivan

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