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Emergency Medicine Training

Nationally and internationally renowned physicians, who are experts in their fields, train residents at the University of Rochester’s Emergency Medicine Program. They come from all over the country and represent diverse training styles and strengths, which culminates into a group of people with expertise in a wealth of topics. Many applicants and students ask, “ What is the greatest strength of your program?”.  Without a doubt, our faculty are top contenders!

When choosing faculty, our greatest concern is their commitment to quality patient care, fostering wellness and education of the residents and commitment to improving the community of Emergency Medicine. The residency is deeply involved in faculty hiring decisions, which underscores the value of our resident’s lives and education.

Each resident, as they work with a faculty member, will learn something new and potentially different, allowing the resident to choose the practice style of emergency medicine that resonates best with themselves.

Residency Leadership  Residency Faculty