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Resident wellness is a top priority of our program. We understand that clinicians and staff who are taking care of their own mental, physical and spiritual health will provide better care for our patients and will be more likely to have long and joyful practices. We have multiple levels of supports in place.

  • Two full-time chief residents, program graduates who stay on for an additional year in a junior faculty role to support the resident body and advocate for resident well-being and education.
  • “Big buddy” system pairing interns with second year residents, who help them navigate the complexities of residencies and of managing complex patients.
  • Faculty advisor system, pairing each resident with a faculty advisor throughout the 3 years of residency. The advisor provides guidance for each resident’s individualized academic development and their wellbeing. Protected time during work hours is provided monthly to ensure advising meetings occur.
  • Balint groups monthly for R-2 and R-3 residents
  • Intern peer support groups every 2 weeks for R-1 residents
  • Annual Spring Residency Retreat with a focus on wellness as a fixed component in addition to professional development
  • Residents are provided time to attend medical appointments and can use CME money for out-of-pocket costs
  • Department-wide Wellness Committee comprised of representatives from all spheres in our department including residents, faculty, administrative, and clinical staff.
  • Faculty member specifically designated as our departmental wellness representative who also serves on the university’s Physician Wellness Committee


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