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Our Residents

We pride ourselves on the diversity of our residents. Please check out the biographies of our current residents and recent graduates. Here is a brief snapshot of the Class of 2016:

Type of Medical School:r2s
Public: 25%
Private: 42%
Osteopathic: 25%
Overseas: 8%

Undergraduate Major:
History, biochemistry, psychology, physiology, bioengineering, life sciences, human development and family studies, physics, biology, computer science

International travel, handspinning, crochet, organic farming, bowling, National Health Service, hiking, music, horseback riding, reading, outdoors, spending time with their children, piano, writing, pets and home ownership (5 of 12 residents own their own homes)

Chief Residents


University of Rochester Family Medicine Residency - MeehanElizabeth Meehan, MD

Creighton University School of Medicine

Growing up in small-town Iowa, I spent my days playing barbies with my older sister and babysitting my younger siblings. In high school I played volleyball, sang in show choir and agonized over what to do with my life before deciding to attend Iowa State University. After changing my major a couple of times, I settled on Biochemistry and worked in a research lab during my time in Ames. While the research was interesting, I was fascinated by the human body and my time volunteering at the hospital convinced me that becoming a doctor was the way to go. Continuing the theme of moving to larger and larger cities, I began medical school at Creighton University in Omaha, NE. Outside class I was mentoring chair for SNMA, volunteered at a student run free clinic, and taught physical exam skills to first year medical students. Visiting Rochester for a friend's wedding in the summer before 4th year, I realized that not only was Rochester a larger city than Omaha, but also a place that I could see myself living. After my interview, I knew that the residency program at Highland would allow me to pursue my many interests in medicine. These include preventive medicine, women’s health, working with underserved populations, and palliative care. I, along with my husband Pat, and our dog Ginger are all excited to be moving to our new home. We look forward to finding a new favorite coffee shop, exploring the city's bicycle trails, touring the Finger Lakes wineries, and making new friends.


University of Rochester Family Medicine Residency - TetreaultNicole Tetreault, MD

University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry

I grew up in the town of Guilderland, which is located right outside of Albany, NY.  From there, I began my slow migration into western New York by attending Hamilton College.  As a student athlete, I found it to be the perfect setting to cultivate both my scholastic as well as athletic endeavors.  I graduated magna cum laude with an honors major in chemistry, though I probably spent more time catching butterflies for my “Butterfly Project” thesis than I did in the laboratory.  Outside of the classroom, I was a member of the varsity soccer and lacrosse teams, and served as captain for both squads.  During my senior year, we took home the college’s first national championship by winning the Lacrosse DIII National Title (GO BLUE!!!)  After graduation, I spent a year working at an Albany area hospital doing patient care work, volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House, and enjoying some down time before medical school. 

I continued my trek westward by coming to Rochester for medical school, largely because I was drawn by their ‘biopsychosocial’ approach to medicine.  As a medical student I served as a student representative on the school’s honor board, was involved with the SPECTRUM student group, and volunteered as a rape crisis counselor for the local Planned Parenthood.  I even got the opportunity to spend a summer in rural Peru, where I conducted a field study on cervical cancer.  I still enjoy staying active and play both indoor and outdoor soccer, ultimate frisbee, and most importantly, adult league kickball!  My passion for primary care has led me to follow in my father’s footsteps and become a family doc. Rochester is a fun and vibrant city but is also super affordable, and I couldn’t be happier about staying here for Family Medicine training.

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Class of 2017

Class of 2017 Mission Statement
As the University of Rochester Family Medicine Residency Class of 2017, a team of 12 diverse individuals, we are unified in our goal of providing holistic care to our community while learning and practicing the art of Family Medicine.
We are learners and teachers, patients and caregivers, parents and children, community members and advocates.
We recognize the value in each individual, and we strive to care for our patients and their families across their lifespan.
We are committed to building lifelong relationships that foster collaboration and mutual respect.
We are dedicated to advancing and promoting Family Medicine in an evolving healthcare system both nationally and globally.
We are Family Physicians; the patient is why we are here.

University of Rochester Family Medicine Residency - Fomina Marina Fomina-Nazarova, MD

St. Matthew's University School of Medicine

I was born in the former capital of Kazakhstan, Almaty. The city is surrounded by beautiful snow tops of Tian-Shan Mountains and skiing was my first passion. As one of the few girls on the ski team, I was always assigned to be a designated physician assistant. By the age of fourteen I already knew how to handle broken arms and sprained ankles and the fact that I want to become a physician. Outside of school and ski seasons, I volunteered in distant regions of Central Asia providing vaccinations and assisting with primary and prenatal care. In my journeys I learned that good primary care stands at the top of population needs.

During my medical school clerkship rotations, I became very interested in geriatrics and primary care and volunteered at a geriatric center in Brooklyn. The disparities of inner city hospitals and challenges in care for elderly patients as well as the increasingly growing geriatric population made me realize that the system needs to changed in order to better serve our population's needs. I became fascinated with the idea of deriving better geriatric care protocols and creating geriatric emergency departments available to elderly all over the country.

In my free time I still enjoy skiing and hiking, love traveling, music and trying out new cuisine. I’m very excited about relocating to Rochester and thrilled to become a part of Rochester University Family Medicine!

University of Rochester Family Medicine Residency - Jack Anna Jack, MD

Boston University School of Medicine

Born and raised in Seekonk, MA (“see-konk” being the sound made by Canadian geese), I am the middle child of a much-loved family of five, and the daughter of a family physician and a legal aid lawyer. I attended McGill University in Montreal, QC, where I received a BA in Art History, with a minor in the Social Studies of Medicine. After an influential semester abroad in Kenya, and a four-month long backpacking trip through Eastern and Southern Africa after graduation, I decided to pursue a career in medicine. I completed my post-baccalaureate at the Harvard Extension School, while working at a therapeutic after-school program for teenagers with HIV, and as a research assistant for an author writing a book on the history and politics of malaria.

While in medical school at Boston University, I co-chaired an organization to promote the strong network of community health centers in Boston, and I participated in a continuity clinical experience at a largely Vietnamese FQHC in Dorchester, MA. During my 4th year, I spent time in Lesotho as part of the Lesotho-Boston Health Alliance, a program that aims to increase human resources needed to improve and sustain quality comprehensive care in Lesotho. My interest in Family Medicine developed early on in medical school, and my specific interests in Adolescent Health, Family Planning, Global Health and implementation of PCMH are always growing and evolving.

In my free time, I enjoy reading (preferably books from a public library- they just feel and smell better!), group exercise classes, and spending time with family and friends. My husband, Mike, and I like to try out new recipes (preferably for a group!), attend sporting events, see movies, and explore our surroundings- we are always up for trying something new, especially if it involves food and/or being outdoors! We are thrilled to be relocating and excited to explore all of the wonderful things Rochester has to offer.

Jiang Vivian Jiang, MD

University of California, San Francisco, School of Medicine

Hello everyone! I was born in Ann Arbor, MI to my two Chinese immigrant parents; my dad received a scholarship to attend grad school at University of Michigan post-Communist Revolution. My dad named me Vivian, meaning "full of life," because he wanted me to live life to the fullest with all the freedoms and luxuries that he never had during the sucky communist times. Two years later my parents gave me a little brother, Felix, "lucky and successful," and how lucky he is to have me as his big sister! We lived in Michigan for 9 years, then moved with my dad to his new job in Silicon Valley, CA at the beginning of the .com boom. We've lived in Foster City, CA (about 30mi south of San Francisco by car) ever since. I've been feeling pretty square the past few years, having never left the Bay Area bubble, so decided to come check out Rochester and get to know a different subculture of America!

Ultimate frisbee and tennis have been my main modes of de-stressing for the past few years so definitely looking for buddies who will play with me. Also looking for buddies to go hiking with or really to do anything outdoors with. Not looking for buddies to go running with. I don't much like running.  email Vivian

Koplinka Loehr Irene Koplinka-Loehr, MD

Ben-Gurion University of The Negev Faculty of Health Sciences

Born and raised playing in the gorges of Ithaca, NY, I have a well cultivated love of a crisp fall day and the sound of leaves crunching underfoot. I pursued these sounds to Carleton College in Minnesota, where I explored ceramics and photography via a bachelors in Studio Art. It was here I learned to appreciate the somewhat alarming squeak snow makes while running in negative 35 degree weather. At Carleton I was introduced to international medicine over a summer working in The Gambia, thus, seeking a school that would foster my passion for global health, I soon found myself flying to Israel to begin my studies at the Medical School for International Health. Now, after four years in the desert, I am so excited to return to a place that welcomes in winter with a rainbow of leaves and to be close to family again!

University of Rochester Family Medicine Residency - Kristan Angela Kristan, MD
University of Oklahoma College of Medicine

Angela was raised in Newcastle, Oklahoma, a small-town just outside of Oklahoma City. She completed undergraduate studies in microbiology at the University of Oklahoma and a master's in theological studies at the John Paul II Institute for Studies on Marriage and Family in Washington D.C. Angela has dreamt of being a family physician since her youth but her path to medicine has been circuitous. She is confident that her venture off the beaten path and the variety of experiences that such an excursion has afforded, have been instrumental in preparing her for a life of service in family medicine. Her interest in a holistic approach to patient care bodes well with the bio-psycho-social method that was born at the University of Rochester. She is very grateful for the opportunity for professional and personal growth through the Highland Family Medicine team and was particularly drawn to the strong sense of community and support of self-care.

Angela is the youngest of four children. Her parents, siblings, and twelve nieces and nephews all reside in Oklahoma and Texas. She married her husband Michael in June 2013. Michael is a territory sales manager for InterMetro industries and is preparing to enter the Diaconate of the RC diocese of Rochester and studies at St. Bernard's School of Theology. He has provided her with three "bonus children", Andrew (15), Katharina (22), and Courtney (20). She is enjoying building relationships with family and friends in her new home of Rochester, as well as, taking in the gorgeous Fingerlakes landscape, dining, and wine tasting, especially now that she has survived her first Rochester Winter.

University of Rochester Family Medicine Residency - Matich Branko Matich, MD

University of California, San Diego, School of Medicine

I was born in raised in San Diego, California, specifically in a community called Mira Mesa. I then traveled up north to Berkeley to study British Romantic Poetry. I returned home after graduation, got my MPHat San Diego State University,and worked as a family planning counselor at a local community clinic for about 10 years. I fell in love with the immediacy of patient interaction and became interested in medicine. While working at the clinic I also met my wife Alison. We applied to medical school together, and were fortunately both accepted to the University of California at San Diego. We married the summer after our first year, and had two kids by the time we graduated - Ellie and Andrew. Alison is also a resident here at the U of R, training in radiology. Outside work, I enjoy running, soccer, swimming and cooking, as well as family outings to the zoo and museums. I am excited to be starting my family residency at the U of R!

University of Rochester Family Medicine Residency - MitchellMarlon Mitchell, MD

State University of New York Upstate Medical University

I grew up in Toronto and currently call Ajax, Ontario, “home”. I have one sibling, an older sister, who currently does public health research and evaluation in Western Canada. From an early age, I was interested in science, music and people. I completed my undergraduate degree in biochemistry and psychology at the University of Toronto in 2009. Although there was a time when I dreamt about becoming an organic chemist, I eventually realized how special a career in medicine would be. I started med school in Syracuse in 2010 and moved to Binghamton for my clinical years. While in Binghamton, I met some really great people, including a patient, helicopter-flying family doc who really showed me how to love primary care. And the rest is history…. well, almost anyways!

I have a special interest in psychiatry and geriatrics. In my spare time (which isn’t much anymore), you can find me reading about the world, practicing my trumpet, eating great Antiguan food, laughing, trying to juggle, or naturally, having a power nap. I plan to soak up all the nature the region has to offer; it shouldn’t be a problem since I already enjoy kayaking and canoeing.

I’m really excited about what family medicine has in store for me- from the long-term relationships to the fast-paced and versatile career that it’ll afford me. I am thrilled to be living in Rochester and grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this incredible program. I’m not sure what the future will hold, but I’m open to new challenges and experiences in medicine. After all, isn’t this what being a doctor is about?

University of Rochester Family Medicine Residency - Pannu AmandaAmanda Pannu, MD

Northeast Ohio Medical University

I was born and raised in Dayton, Ohio, the product of a community family physician and a nurse. Realizing at a young age that medicine was the field for me, I was accepted into a combined BS/MD program in Northeast Ohio, where I met my husband and fellow resident, Navraj Pannu. At NEOMED, I explored many areas of medicine before finally deciding family medicine was the perfect field for me. I have enjoyed many leadership positions, both in clubs and in the University, and dream of one day becoming an academic family physician. My passion is patient education and I have written educational curricula and been involved in many volunteer activities over the years. My professional interests include women’s health and underserved care.

Outside of medicine, I enjoy reading, yoga, running and travel. My favorite hobby, however, is indulging my caffeine addiction and drinking a delicious cup of coffee while chatting with a friend. I collect coffee cups and have many from all over the world. I love international travel and cannot wait to be involved with the Global Health Curriculum here at Rochester. Navi and I are so excited to be starting our new lives in such a vibrant and welcoming city!

University of Rochester Family Medicine Residency - Pannu NavrajNavraj Pannu, MD

Northeast Ohio Medical University

I grew up just south of Cleveland in a town called Sagamore Hills. I was fortunate enough to be selected for a six year medical program right out of high school.  There I met my wife Amanda Ashcraft Pannu who was going through the same program I was.  I spent those six years trying to find my purpose in medicine and found that my passion in medicine was Family medicine.  I feel blessed to be given the opportunity to build life-long relationships with my patients.  I hope to one day work in an academic setting where I will be able to continue taking care of my patients while being able to teach the next generation of physicians. Outside of Medicine I really enjoy playing tennis, watching football with friends, and playing video games.

University of Rochester Family Medicine Residency - Pfahl Annie Pfahl, MD

University of Washington School of Medicine

I was born and raised in Mount Vernon, Washington, and grew up boating in the San Juan Islands. I did half of my senior year of high school in Ecuador, and spent time there tutoring homeless children and shadowing in an underserved hospital. I decided to stay close to home for college, spending four years at Seattle University. Between college and medical school I spent two years working as an English-Spanish interpreter for public defense lawyers and in a special education classroom. I was eventually drawn to the University of Washington School of Medicine for its opportunities to train in both rural and underserved settings. While there, I was part of the WRITE program, spending 6 months out of my first three years in a rural primary care clinic in Northwest Washington. During my time in clinic, I fell in love with family medicine! I am especially interested in providing quality mental and behavioral health care in the primary care setting, and am so excited to be at the University of Rochester. In my free time I love thrift store shopping,reading fiction and The New York Times, listening to This American Life, hiking, yoga, boating, cooking and baking. I'm very much looking forward to getting to know Rochester!  email Annie

University of Rochester Family Medicine Residency - GomezAmber Robins, MD

University of Rochester School of Medicine

Amber Robins, MD, is a Family Medicine Resident and graduate of the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry. Dr. Robins is originally from Baton Rouge, Louisiana and learned her southern charm from her two beautiful parents and older sister. When Dr. Robins was four years old, she found her passion for medicine as she saw her father’s journey to recovery after having a cervical spinal cord injury. She dreamed big and pushed very hard to become a doctor. In high school, she participated in the Girl Scouts and won the Girl Scout Gold Award, the highest award in Girl Scouts. During her college years, Dr. Robins attended Xavier University of Louisiana and where during her senior year was elected Miss Xavier University of Louisiana 2009-2010.

Dr. Robins has been active in various research studies that include gynecologic cancers, adolescent mothers, and minorities in medicine. At the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry, she was awarded as a member of the Medical Education Pathway. Within this pathway, she began to develop her love of teaching medical students through lectures and small group sessions. In addition to her work in medical school, Dr. Robins founded a community step team and traveled to Rabat, Morocco, as an English teacher over the summer between her first and second year of medical school. She is also a writer for The Journal for Minority Medical Students in her own column entitled “Diary of a Medical Student”.

Throughout her journey, Dr. Robins’s goal is to continue motivating others to achieve their own personal successes. She is constantly reminded that dreams do come true with faith in God and hard work.

Soumya SridharSoumya Sridhar, MBBS

Adichunchanagiri Institute of Medical Sciences

I grew up in Bangalore, India where I went on to complete my medical school training. I had the opportunity to pursue my dream in family medicine in Montreal, Canada.  I completed my residency in Family Medicine at McGill University. I then went on to work as an Assistant Professor at the Department of Family Medicine at McGill. I enjoyed having my own outpatient practice as well as working as a hospitalist in medical oncology. In Montreal, I had tremendous personal growth – I became a mom and learnt to speak and work in French.

My husband’s passion for taking care of eyes took us across Canada to beautiful Vancouver! I have been working as a family doctor in outpatient clinics as well as providing in-patient care as a hospitalist in Vancouver, BC.

My husband has recently joined the U of R and so I find myself here! I have been fortunate to have international medical experience and now I am looking forward to be part of this energetic and dynamic residency program. I hope to have a unique training experience and further explore my interests in hospital medicine, pediatrics and women’s health. My three-year-old son, my husband and I, are excited about our move to Rochester and look forward to calling it our new home!


University of Rochester Family Medicine Residency - Woz Shaula Woz, MD

University of Massachusetts Medical School

I grew up in Allegany, NY, a small rural town 1.5 hours south of Buffalo, NY. Living in a house with four younger brothers, life was busy and a lot of fun. I attended Cornell University for my undergraduate education, studying Molecular and Cell Biology. After graduation, I moved to Rochester to conduct basic science research in cell signaling pathways in orthopedics and endocrinology at the University of Rochester Medical Center. During that time, I discovered my passion for public health through graduate coursework in maternal and child health epidemiology. Heading to Boston, I earned an MPH degree in Maternal and Child Health at Boston University, while studying the hospital discharge process and quality improvement in the Department of Family Medicine at Boston University. This laid the groundwork for my interest in family medicine, and I pursued an MD degree at the University of Massachusetts. While completing my degree, I married my husband, a graphic designer and RIT alum, and had a son, Elliot. I’m happy to be returning to the University of Rochester for family medicine residency training. The program provides strong training in my areas of interest: women’s health, psychosocial medicine, process improvement and health policy. In my free time, I enjoy distance running, road biking, snowboarding, yoga, and getting outdoors.  I’m very excited to return to Rochester to be closer to my family and enjoy all the city has to offer.

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Class of 2018

Class of 2018 Mission Statement
We the Family Medicine Residents of the Class of 2018 come together as diverse beings with the shared goal of devoting ourselves to our new community. 
We will continue to be:
• both educators and life-long learners
• use evidence-based “medicine of the highest order” while remaining compassionate and empathetic
• we will aim to provide holistic care to our patients throughout their lifespan as individuals comprised of mind, body and spirit
• we will provide quality care for our patients regardless of their backgrounds and beliefs
• we will passionately advocate for our patients and our profession
• we will recognize our own limitations and utilize resources and each other to save our local and global communities
• we will strive to collaborate with and support each other as we continue to evolve throughout our own careers
We pledge this on June 15, 2015

University of Rochester Family Medicine Residency - Mammarella Lindsay Balceniuk, MD

Sidney Kimmel Medical School at Thomas Jefferson University

I was born and raised in Newark, Delaware with wonderful parents, a brother and sister, and two poodles. Because I wanted to experience more than the second-smallest state in the country, I attended the University of Virginia for college (go ‘Hoos!). I had many meaningful experiences there, including volunteering as an EMT for two years and traveling to Honduras on a medical mission trip. If I weren’t in medicine, I would definitely be a teacher, which is why I used my year in between college and medical school teaching science and math to middle school students. I also helped to develop the science program and wrote the curricula for Human Biology and Anatomy and Genetics courses.

I attended Jefferson Medical College for medical school and loved my time in Philadelphia. I continued my passion for volunteering and spent a good amount of my free time working in homeless shelters as both a medical provider and mentor to homeless children. During my third year rotations, I developed a specific interest in women’s health within family medicine and am excited to pursue that further during residency. I met my now fiancé at Jefferson and we were fortunate enough to have matched together at Rochester.

When I’m not working, I enjoy running and training for races, playing with my adorable cavapoo, trying new restaurants, and experiencing the arts, whether it be an orchestra, play, or concert. My fiancé and I are excited for this next chapter of our lives in Rochester!

University of Rochester Family Medicine Residency - Berenyi Juliana Berenyi, DO

University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine

I was born in New York City and grew up in Connecticut in a suburb of NYC. I attended college at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY where I majored in Nutritional Sciences. While at Cornell, I was exposed to the field of International Nutrition which sparked my interest in Global Health. Interested in medicine, but wanting hands-on experience abroad prior to medical school, I joined the Peace Corps.  I served as a Health Volunteer in Southwestern Uganda in a district called Ntungamo for 2.5 years. While in Uganda, I helped start an HIV/AIDS testing, counseling and care program in the villages surrounding where I lived.

After returning from Uganda, while applying to medical school, I worked at Mount Sinai School of Medicine as a Research Assistant on a community-based diabetes project in East Harlem, NY.  Medical school took me to the beautiful coast of Maine where in addition to learning, I was able to take advantage of all of wonderful outdoor activities the state has to offer.

Within Family Medicine, I am interested in Global Health and Palliative Care and chose Family Medicine for the continuity of care it offers to patients and physicians. In my free time I enjoy anything outdoors! especially hiking, biking, running and skiing. I also enjoy traveling, yoga and cooking. I'm really excited to be heading back to Upstate NY for residency!

University of Rochester Family Medicine Residency - BetteleyMegan Betteley Wang, MD

Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

I originally hail from Perry, OH. I majored in biology at Marietta College (Marietta, OH) and subsequently attended Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine. As a member of the National Health Service Corps, I hope to pursue my professional interests in preventive care, women’s health and refugee medicine.  Outside of medicine, I enjoy spending time with family and friends, hiking, rock climbing, gardening, curling up with a good book and a cup of tea, and eating my husband’s cooking!  We look forward to joining the Rochester community!

University of Rochester Family Medicine Residency - Bonnet Mary Bonnet, MD

Sidney Kimmel Medical School at Thomas Jefferson University

I was born in Fort Worth, Texas where the majority of my family still resides but I grew up in a very small town in Western Massachusetts. I loved attending school with the same classmates kindergarten through high school and knowing all my neighbors. I'll always be a small town girl! Medicine sort of runs in my family (I was the ninth person to graduate medical school in three generations!) so I always knew I wanted to be involved in healthcare. During my time at the College of the Holy Cross, I developed a strong interest in serving others through community work. I volunteered much of my time at a women's shelter, spending nights overseeing the entire shelter and encountering many women with remarkable stories of bravery and resilience. My four years at Holy Cross made me realize I wanted to be play a vital role in any community I may live in. It was also at Holy Cross that I met my now husband Joe, who turned out to be a lawyer (insert cliche lawyer joke here). I went straight to medical school after college, finding my way down to Philadelphia to study at Jefferson Medical College. Philly was a whole new world for me and a very diverse community. After getting over the shell shock of living in a big city, I discovered I LOVED working with people from all different backgrounds. It was also there that I discovered my love for family medicine. My mentors and faculty showed me that family medicine brings all my passions together, from serving the whole family to taking care of the whole person. I am very excited to start my career as a family physician and I am very excited to do so here in Rochester. My husband is from the area and I love being with his family. I am excited to integrate myself into this booming, diverse, and festive community!

I am always willing to try new food and drink and love going out with friends to restaurants and bars! I never stop listening to country music and I enjoy a good board game here and there! I love my miniature dachshund, Lincoln, more than almost anything in this world and I can't wait to participate in the annual Rochester Dachshund Parade this year!! Excited to explore Rochester and continue my development here as a family doc!

University of Rochester Family Medicine Residency - Cooper Rebecca Cooper-McCann, MD, MPH

Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

I was born and raised near Detroit, Michigan in a city called Hazel Park.  I ventured to Chicago for college where I studied Social Policy at Northwestern University.  After college, I spent a year with AmeriCorps working at a family resource center near Detroit, and then worked at a Women's Health Center as a jack of all trades helping with medical assisting/pregnancy counseling/coordinating care for gynecology patients.  My time there solidified my interest in medicine, so I headed back to school to complete pre-medical requirements with the Post-Baccalaureate program at Goucher College in Baltimore.  While I applied for medical schools, I completed a research fellowship at the NIH in the National Human Genome Research Institute working primarily with genetic counselors.  This sparked an interest in research and ultimately led me to the Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Case Western Reserve University for medical school.  During my five years there, I pursued an MPH along with my MD and completed another year-long research fellowship at the NIH.  Like many family medicine residents, I enjoy aspects of many fields in medicine and have a strong interest in preventive and psychosocial elements of care.  I'm excited to be training with Highland Family Medicine for the next three years, and in the future, I hope to balance clinical practice with work in public health.

University of Rochester Family Medicine Residency - Cummings Ryan Cummings, MD

New York Medical College

I grew up in Springville, NY, a rural farm town south of Buffalo.  There I was homeschooled through middle school by my mom, an RN, who sparked my interest in science.  I attended a small high school where I graduated with a whopping 11 other students, then moved on to the “big city” and obtained a B.S. at the University of Buffalo in Pharmaceutical Sciences.  During my undergraduate years, I had the opportunity to participate in a medical mission trip to the Philippines, which solidified my desire to pursue medicine.  After graduating, I took a year off from school to do research at Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo before attending medical school at New York Medical College in the greater New York City metropolitan region.  After many varied experiences, I realized that Family Medicine was my passion.  There are so many aspects of family medicine that interest me: specifically global health, OB-GYN, sports medicine, and integrative medicine, to name a few.  I am excited to return to western NY and begin my new chapter of life in Rochester.

Outside of medicine, I have many hobbies and passions.  I love any activity that involves the outdoors, especially hiking in the mountains.  Art has always been a big part of my life, and when I have time, I enjoy painting, drawing, jewelry making, and pretty much any other form of art.  Other hobbies include attending music events, cooking and eating good vegetarian food, reading, exploring new places, and my two cats!  Of course, I also love spending time with my family and friends, who mean the world to me.

University of Rochester Family Medicine Residency - Daniel Nidun Daniel, DO

New York Institute of Technology College of Osteopathic Medicine

I was born in Kuwait, located in eastern Arabia by the Persion Gulf. Due to the Gulf War, I spent only about a year before eventually coming to Rochester, where I grew up primarily. I attended both Brighton and Rush Henrietta Central Schools, from kindergarten through twelfth grade, becoming very accustomed to our winter months.

I joined URMC first as a Patient Transport Assistant and then as a Pharmacy Technician at Strong Memorial Hospital. I developed a strong interest for patient care during this time while also continuing my undergraduate studies at Saint John Fisher College. At Fisher, I majored in Biology and Religious Studies, in particular I was interested in exploring spirituality and health. During my junior year of undergrad I was blessed with an opportunity to work with underserved populations through Koinonia Ministries India Medical Outreach project in East Rochester. The following year, I moved to Long Island to begin medical school at New York Institute of Technology College of Osteopathic Medicine. Numerous research projects in India, Ghana and Guatemala drew me closer to various avenues of global medicine. Some of my works involved examining child nutrition and malaria prevention in rural Ghana.

Outside of medicine, I enjoy cooking and learning various types of cuisines. I like to travel, especially to visit friends and family across the globe. I’m thrilled to be coming back to Rochester, my home and the community I hope to serve moving forward.

University of Rochester Family Medicine Residency - Gabel Elizabeth Gabel, MD

Rush Medical College of Rush University Medical Center

I spent my childhood in Denver, CO before moving to the small town of Clinton, IL.  This turned into the first move towards a career in medicine as I fell in love with science and anatomy in high school.  I chose to be a nerdy pre-med at Millikin University where I also played volleyball (Go Big Blue!) Along with winning a conference championship, I had the wonderful opportunity to travel to Ecuador to work in various hospitals, malaria and diabetes clinics.  This helped confirm my decision to go into medicine and sparked my interest in global and community health.  After college, I headed north to the Windy City to attend Rush Medical College.  I was drawn to family medicine because it allows me to see a patient grow from infancy to adulthood to old age, including all the milestones and challenges in-between.  I have a wide array of clinical interests including community and global health, adolescent care, women’s health and teaching.  Outside of medicine, I love camping, playing volleyball, cheering/crying over the Chicago Bears and Cubs, eating at new restaurants, and anything that combines mint and chocolate.  I’m very excited to be starting this next phase in my life at University of Rochester and can’t wait to explore the Adirondacks, Finger Lakes and everything the city of Rochester has to offer. email Lizzy

University of Rochester Family Medicine Residency - Jordan Stephanie Jordan, DO

Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine

I was born and raised right here in Rochester, and I am thrilled to be given the opportunity to take care of people in my hometown!  I spent my college years at St. Bonaventure University where I studied biology and played 4 years of college lacrosse.  I took a couple of years off after college to do some coaching and traveling, and I was eventually drawn to the city of Philadelphia for medical school where I attended Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine.  My experiences there sparked a love of primary care, as well as furthered my interest in sports medicine.  My years at PCOM were highlighted by a 4th year trip to Nepal where I was able to work in the maternity ward of a government hospital as well as spend time at a remote village clinic.  Now that I am back in Rochester I am enjoying spending time with friends and family, sailing on Lake Ontario and Sodus Bay, running, cooking, and traveling.  Even though I already know and love this city, I am looking forward to discovering new places and things to do with my fellow residents!

University of Rochester Family Medicine Residency - KlymochkoBohdan Klymochko , DO

Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine

As a Rochester native, I was raised not too far west of the city in a small town called Hamlin.  As the oldest of three brothers, in a neighborhood full of kids, I had plenty of excitement and outdoor adventures throughout my childhood.  After graduating from Brockport High School, I decided to move from one small town to another and began working on my undergraduate degree at SUNY Geneseo.  After graduating from college, I decided to work at Unity Hospital in order to gain more insight as to how hospitals and healthcare providers function.  During this time I proposed to my beautiful wife, Shannon, and was accepted to Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine.  In between studying and preparing for exams, my wife and I found some time to get married during my second year of medical school and married life has been exciting ever since.  Outside of medicine, I enjoy spending time with family and friends, soccer, snowboarding / skiing, golf, working out, and other outdoor activities.

I have always been interested in Family Medicine and I am honored to be a part of this well respected residency program.  I hope to stay in the area after residency and become involved in academics in addition to delivering excellent patient care.  I am looking forward to the hard work, intellectual growth, and challenges ahead!

University of Rochester Family Medicine Residency - Nicholls Lauren Nicholls, MD

Sidney Kimmel Medical School at Thomas Jefferson University

I grew up in Jermyn, Pennsylvania (a small, formerly coal mining town just north of Scranton) and am the youngest of three sisters and daughter of an attorney and elementary school teacher.  I attended the University of Scranton and graduated in 2011 with my degree in Biology and Philosophy.  While at Scranton, I was heavily involved in our Community Outreach office, worked on many service projects ( Ask me about End of the Year Drive!)  and was heavily involved in political advocacy.  I moved down the Pennsylvania turnpike from Scranton to Philadelphia, where I attended Jefferson Medical College for medical school.  I was accepted into the Physician Shortage Area Program, and was able to focus on under-served and rural medicine.  I lead the Women’s History Month programming through the American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA) and was a national Programming Chair for AMWA. I was also a tour guide at Jefferson, and met my fiancé, Sean- my upper class co-tour leader- through campus tours!

I discovered Rochester via my fiancé, who is currently a year ahead of me in his Anesthesiology residency at Rochester, and couldn’t be happier with our choice to come north! I am so excited to bring my passion for under-served medicine and political advocacy to Rochester and the Brown Square clinic.  Outside of medicine I love reading, singing, playing flute and piano, and food- eating, cooking, and baking!  I am also a huge animal lover and trivia nerd – I take the Jeopardy test every year (some year I’ll meet Mr. Trebek!)  My favorite activity is sitting down with a cup of tea and good book, so I can’t wait to check out all of the amazing coffee shops in Rochester! email Lauren


University of Rochester Family Medicine Residency - Young Jocelyn Young, DO, MS

New York Institute of Technology College of Osteopathic Medicine

I was raised in the town of Vestal, NY where I learned to endure the long cold winters and relish the short but beautiful summer months.  I moved to the even chillier city of Buffalo for my undergraduate degree in International Studies which included a formative semester studying in Rome, Italy.  Along the way I came to the conclusion that I did not want to be a foreign ambassador as I had always thought, and instead I wanted to be a physician.  My undergraduate background suited me well for involvement with the American Medical Association – Medical Student Section and the Medical Society of the State of New York throughout medical school; where I have been helping to enact policy to change the face of medicine for the better.

My interest in Family Medicine stemmed from several areas.  I was born while my Dad was a 3rd year medical student and was a toddler while he completed his Family Medicine residency – so you could say it’s in my blood.  But it actually wasn’t until my 3rd year of medical school that I settled on this path.  I’m passionate about building long term relationships with patients and their families, OB, end of life care, HIV medicine, teaching, and political advocacy.

In my free time I enjoy being active.  I compete in triathlons when I have enough time, and when I don’t I focus on swimming, group exercise classes, and being outdoors.  I’m always up for trying a new restaurant or activity and I’m looking forward to moving to Rochester where can explore a new cultural scene!

Class of 2019

We, the class of 2019, commit to the following:
For ourselves we shall:
● Maintain optimism and passion for life
● Find joy in every day
● Strive to improve “
● Embrace the challenge of growth
● Celebrate our strengths while acknowledging our weaknesses
For each other we shall:
● Make each other laugh
● Stop, collaborate, and listen
● Create a safe and trusting environment
● Embrace our diversity
● Be honest with one another don’t
fear criticism!
For our patients we shall:
● Advocate
● Serve
● Challenge convention
● Prioritize social justice
● Be humanitarians

Tyler BateyTyler Batey, MD

University of Texas Medical Branch School of Medicine

Kayla Berigan, MDKayla Berigan, MD

Wayne State University School of Medicine

Hi Everybody! I’m Kayla. If you’re reading this, you probably already know me (Hi Mom).  But in any case, a bit about me: coming from Michigan, land of snow, trees, and lakes, I decided for residency I would be adventurous and go for a change of scenery. This brought me to Rochester… Okay, so I wasn’t really looking for a change.  All kidding aside, I am thrilled that I am training at UR/Highland and that I did not have to give up the chilly weather and change of seasons I have always loved.  My interests in medicine include community health, hospice/palliative care, and family planning. I love to run, hike, read books, and ride horses. I have a ton to learn about medicine, life, and people, and I am excited to see how being a family doctor helps me do this.  Thanks for reading, and take care!

Scott BiehlScott Biehl, DO

Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine

I was born and raised on the west side of Cleveland, OH and naturally am a diehard Cleveland sports fan (your condolences are appreciated, but not accepted). I attended St. Ignatius High School in Cleveland and I am the middle of 7 kids (6 boys and 1 tough as nails girl). After high school, I came to Rochester which captured my heart the moment I stepped foot in this great city. I attended St. John Fisher College located in near-by Pittsford where I majored in biology and spent some unforgettable years playing college football before having to jump into the real world. It was at Fisher where I met my now wife Abby who is a native of Pittsford and a Mendon High School graduate. We got married here in Rochester in June of 2015 as I started my fourth year of medical school and she continued to teach in the Fairport school system. It was evident to both of us very early on in our relationship that Rochester was where we wanted to plant our roots and we look forward to being in Rochester for many years to come.

Majoring in biology and spending the better half of my first 2 years at Fisher dealing with football injuries (reconstructed ankle, broken leg, and a couple broken ribs to highlight the collection) nudged me into pursuing medicine as a career. It was during those years that I spent a good amount of time with our team doctors and I realized I could see myself doing the same thing. After college I spent a year working as a scribe in the emergency department at Rochester General Hospital before beginning medical school. Throughout my clinical years of medical school, I spent many months on both family medicine and primary care sports medicine rotations during which I was able to further foster my passion for preventative medicine and encouraging healthy and active lifestyles. I could not be prouder to be completing my residency training here with the University of Rochester/Highland Hospital Family Medicine Residency Program! I look forward to taking care of the Rochester community and helping people live healthy and happy lives.

Lauren Hobbs, MDLauren Hobbs, MD

University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine

I grew up in the village of Williams Bay, WI, where most of my family still lives.  I felt the need to explore for college and ventured out to the University of Virginia (Wahoowa!).  During college, I had the adventure of a lifetime on Semester at Sea and followed my new interest in global health to work at the ICDDR,B in Dhaka, Bangladesh after I graduated.  After that, I was ready to come back closer to home for medical school at the University of Chicago where I had wonderful opportunities to continue my interests in Peru and China as well as through work with underserved areas of the US.  My experiences at Rosebud, in particular, have shaped my future career plans, and I hope to work with IHS after residency.  In Chicago, I also began to feel more passionate about advocacy (broadly defined), and I joined the single payer bandwagon.

My partner, Paul, and I are looking forward to seeing a different part of the country and being interns together.  I'm excited to develop my interests in global health, rural medicine, women's health, advocacy, and teaching at the University of Rochester.  Outside of medicine, I love all outdoor activities and sports and can't wait to explore the Adirondacks, Finger Lakes, etc.  Before starting intern year, Paul and I are biking from Bucharest to Barcelona!  email Lauren

HuynhChanh Huynh, MD

University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry

Greetings! My name is Chanh Huynh. I grew up in Saigon, Vietnam, and moved to Phoenix, Arizona, with my family at the age of thirteen. Because of the Vietnam war, neither of my parents finished their education, so I have the privilege of being the first in the family to graduate high school, go to college, and becoming a family physician. I obtained my doctor of medicine degree from the University of Rochester, where I fell deeply in love with the city (it’s never the place; it’s the people!). I am delighted to continue my training here in Rochester among some of the most awesome family doctors on the planet.

In my previous lives, I was a tutor (teaching is awesome!), chemical engineering intern, and custodian. Outside of medicine, I spend most of my time building relationships with: Jesus, family, housemates, and friends! My favorite book is the world’s best-selling and most widely distributed book: the Holy Bible. I love going to church to worship, pray, and learn. I also enjoy running, biking, hiking, and playing racquet sports. My favorite location in Rochester is a house on top of the Furman hill. Since I have received freely, my goal is to freely give, especially by serving the impoverished in the community.

Zoe KostarellisZoe Kostarellis, MD

State University of New York Upstate Medical University

I was born and raised in Rochester, NY, where the majority of my family still resides. After graduating from Spencerport High school, I attended college at the Rochester Institute of Technology where I majored in Molecular Bioscience and Biotechnology. While in undergrad, I received a grant to work on a research project sequencing DNA from Galapagos iguanas. I am a big animal lover and currently have a 5 year old Galapagos tortoise named Prince Zuko.  I also had the opportunity to volunteer at Strong Memorial Hospital as a friendly face for elderly patients to converse with while in the hospital. These volunteer experiences helped fuel my journey to fulfill my lifelong goal of becoming a physician.

After graduating from RIT, I attended SUNY Upstate Medical University in Syracuse, NY. During my fourth year, I participated in the Rural Medical Scholars Program, where I was sent to Batavia, NY for 10 months to complete clinical experiences in a rural community. There, I solidified my decision to pursue family medicine, with a special interest in geriatrics and hospice/palliative medicine.

I am beyond thrilled to be able to stay in my home town and join the family medicine team at the University of Rochester. I look forward to building lasting relationships here in Rochester and raising my young family (including Prince Zuko, my husband, and my 4 month old son) in this wonderful community!  email Zoe

Resident. Bell Alicial Bell, MD








Amanda MorrisonAmanda Morrison, MD

University at Buffalo School of Medicine & Biomedical Sciences

I grew up in Bradford, PA, a small town in Northwestern Pennsylvania.  It’s the type of town where no matter where you go, you are sure to see at least a few people that you know well.   I loved growing up in the small-town atmosphere, but decided to go to a “bigger city” for undergrad – Buffalo, NY.  I went to the University at Buffalo, where I majored in Biomedical Sciences.  As my experiences volunteering, working as a medical assistant, and tutoring had only further solidified my desire to go into medicine, I stayed at the University at Buffalo for medical school.  It was during medical school that I came to the realization that Family Medicine was my calling.  I love that I will be able care for the whole person, the whole family, and work towards the better health of the community in which I live and work; I suppose that relates back to my upbringing in a tight-knit family and small-town community.  I could not be more excited to begin my training at Rochester!

While in medical school I met my now husband, Sean, and became the “mother” of our Australian Cattle dog, Red.  We love doing anything that requires being outdoors and active with our pup.  Sean and I grew up in families that love to cook, but love to eat, share and laugh even more, and so we try to maintain that tradition.   I will never turn down the opportunity for good food and good music.  I am looking forward to exploring all that Rochester has to offer and calling it our new home!  email Amanda

Sonya NarlaSonya Narla, DO, MA

Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine

- Hi everyone! I hail from the Steel City of Pittsburgh, PA, where I grew up making forts with my brother and cousins, playing soccer, basketball, and lacrosse, and spending Sundays at my grandparents. I am also a life-long Gold Award Girl Scout and community service has been an integral part of my life since I can remember. I love my family and have two amazing parents, an older brother & sister in law, and a myriad of aunts, uncles, and cousins that I'm very close with. And I can't forget my two dogs, Muschu and Bugs. I also love a good book (nerd alert!), a better cup of coffee, hiking and exploring the outdoors, trying new foods, and traveling. I've had an interest in medicine from a young age, but I consider myself a humanities girl at heart. I majored in English (BA) at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH. I was accepted to Case's integrated graduate studies program my junior year and was able to graduate with my Master's degree in Bioethics, with a thesis on End of Life Decision Making. Before medical school, I served as the Executive Director for a global health non-profit called MedPLUS Connect focused in northern Ghana. I actually flew straight from Ghana to Erie, PA to begin the whirlwind of medical school at LECOM. I love family medicine because of the truly multifaceted bio/psycho/social nature and look forward to developing trusting, collaborative relationships with my patients. My partner, Vincent, will be starting his Emergency Medicine residency at Strong Memorial, and we are so excited to start intern year together and explore Rochester!

Izabela SubczynskaIzabela Subczynska, MD

Jagiellonian University Medical College

I was born in Germany to Polish parents (my name might have given that away!) and moved to Canada as a baby where our family was completed by my younger brother and our two wiener doggies, Oscar and Maya. I grew up an hour and a half west of Rochester on Lake Ontario in St. Catharines, Ontario. After my junior year at Brock University in my hometown, I finally ventured out on my own and spent a month volunteering at a hospital in India. My travel bug bite led me to reconnect with my roots and eat an abundance of pierogi and cabbage rolls in Krakow, Poland during my medical studies at Jagiellonian University. Studying in the heart of Europe for four years also allowed me to explore many beautiful European countries and unique cultures, while meeting some wonderful people along the way.

In my final year of medical school, I had the opportunity to complete visiting electives in Rochester. I felt so welcomed by residents, faculty and staff at the University of Rochester and fell in love with the warmth of the Rochester community, and the Public Market. As great of an experience as living in Europe has been, I’m thrilled to start the next chapter of my medical career with this move to Rochester. I look forward to being part of the resident team at Highland Family Medicine and focusing on Women’s Health and Global Health. Over the next three years, I also plan on enjoying the Lilac Festival, doing some hiking at Letchworth State Park, and seeing how the Finger Lakes wineries compare to those back home in Niagara-on-the-Lake wine country!

Janeta SzczepanicJaneta Szczepanik, MD

Jagiellonian University Medical College

I was born across the river from Detroit because few people know where Windsor, Ontario is and I grew up in a very recently emigrated Polish household. I went on to finish my undergrad degree in Forensic Science with an emphasis on biology at the University of Windsor.  Next thing I knew, I was leaving to Krakow, Poland to study medicine and reconnect with my roots. It was an exciting experience but as much as I enjoyed my life studying in Poland, it didn't quite feel like home the way North America does. I really wanted to come back and practice Family Medicine; my favorite part of which is adolescent medicine. Outside of medicine, I enjoy watching movies, spending time with my family and friends, and trying new foods, though I am by no means a good chef!  I am a huge animal lover and a great listener. Most of all, I am thrilled to be here and to meet new people as well as to discover what Rochester has to offer.

Yuan YaoYuan Yao, MD, MBA

Tufts University School of Medicine

I was born in China and hail from Boston, MA, where the traffic is impossible and the snow doesn’t help. I attended Brandeis University where I majored in Biochemistry. During high school and college, I spent my spare time between photojournalism for school newspapers and volunteer work at Newton Wellesley Hospital, and I occupied my summers with research at Brandeis and pharmaceutical companies. During college and medical school, I worked with the Student Immigrant Movement, a Boston-based student-run organization focused on immigration reform for undocumented minors at both the legislative and grassroots level. I studied at Tufts University School of Medicine, where I completed the four-year MD/MBA program. My passion for working with the underserved made my decision to enter family medicine a no brainer. My professional interests include pain and addiction medicine, sports medicine, and preventative care. Outside of medicine, I enjoy photography, painting, racket sports and outdoor activities. I am excited to be a part of the Rochester family and look forward to providing comprehensive care to the community.