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Residents, Graduates and Faculty Awards and Publications

DFM Newsletter January 2024

January 2024 Department of Family Medicine Newsletter

2024 Award Recipients

Dr. Alissa CorrellDr. Alissa Correll selected as 2024 Society of Teachers of Family Medicine New Faculty Scholar 

Alissa Correll, MD, Assistant Professor at University of Rochester, has been selected as a 2024 STFM New Faculty Scholar from the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine (STFM.) This highly competitive program recognizes outstanding leadership potential and a commitment to academic family medicine. The STFM New Faculty Scholar Program, funded by the STFM Foundation, includes some of the best and brightest new faculty across from the country. Only 14 individuals were selected for 2024.


2023 Award Recipients

Dr. Remon AssaadDr. Remon Assaad, awarded the Family Medicine Community Teaching Award.

We would like to recognize the teaching contributions of community physicians who volunteer their time to teach residents on a regular basis. We are very appreciative of all their contributions to the Family Medicine Residency Program. 




"Dr Assaad is excellent with families and models great clinical reasoning with compassionate care of families. I always think of him in my interactions with families of sick children." 

"Dr. Assaad finds teaching points for almost every patient in the peds ED. He teaches appropriate to resident level. He is understanding of the difficulty of residency and never overwhelms residents with too much teaching."


Dr. Courtney Olson-ChenCourtney Olson-Chen, MD, awarded the Family Medicine OB Teaching Award:

This annual award was established to honor an attending obstetrician/gynecologist at Highland Hospital. It is granted by the Family Medicine residents to the physician who best exemplifies the following qualities: excellence in clinical judgment and patient care, excellence in clinical teaching, excellence in relating to and respecting Family Medicine residents and their ideals. The award recipient is elected by all Family Medicine residents. A plaque with the names of all the recipients hands in the Attending Lounge of the Obstetrics floor and is intended to value and recognize those individuals who have made significant contributions to the Family Medicine Residency Program. We are very appreciative of all their contributions to the Family Medicine Residency Program.


"'[Dr. Olson-Chen] has fostered a good learning environment in a shared space between OB and FM residents and faculty."

Dr. Catherine HarmerCatherine Harmer, MD, awarded the Highland Family Medicine Women's Health Care Award:

This award is given to the Family Medicine resident who has contributed most significantly in the area of women's health. The resident's contributions and accomplishments may be of a clinical nature, or in research, or in teaching, or of an administrative nature. 





"Dr. Harmer's dedication to pursuing additional training in reproductive health demonstrates a commitment to offering full-spectrum reproductive care in primary care settings."

Dr. Dmitriy MigdalovichDmitriy Migdalovich, MD, awarded the Highland Medicine Teaching Attending Award:

The recipient of this award is chosen by majority vote of the Internal Medicine, Med/Peds, and Family Medicine residents, in recognition of outstanding teaching of residents by a physician in Medicine. The winner's name is engraved on a plaque that hangs in the Highland Hospital Library. We are very appreciative of all their contributions to the Family Medicine Residency Program. 




"Excellent attending. Took time to teach spontaneously. Very efficient in terms of time management, which is a skill I personally am continuing to work on. Clearly an effective and empathic clinician."

"Dr. Migdalovich is an outstanding geriatrician. He runs a very organized team and always finds time to teach. He also encourages independence within the residents while providing ongoing and useful feedback."

Dr Jasdeep BajwaJasdeep Bajwa, DO, awarded the Lovejoy Preceptor Award

This award is chosen by all the family medicine residents and is awarded to an outstanding academic or community faculty preceptor at Highland Family Medicine, who demonstrates the qualities like Dr. Frank Lovejoy. These qualities include: dedication to residency education, inspired teaching, and a deep compassion for patients and residents. 



"Jas finds ways to provide quick teaching points, even in busy clinic days. He allows for autonomy but will chime in when there is a patient safety concern. He is approachable, intelligent and funny!"

"Jas has been an excellent teacher! Whether it has been in Farley as a medical educator, inpatient attending or during clinic precepting. He makes learning fun and his passion to learn more inspires us to be better as well. He is approachable and for how much he already knows he makes sure that he always uses language that accentuates that he is still learning or just recently learned this fact. His dedication to medical education, inspiring presence and compassion for his residents makes him a great candidate for this award."

Dr. Christian ArcherChristian Archer, MD, awarded the STFM Resident Teaching Award:

The STFM Board of Directors authorized the development of an award to recognize teaching contributions by residents. Each family practice residency program can give this award annually to the resident who has best demonstrated an interest, ability, and commitment to family medicine education.

Criteria to be considered: a demonstrated interest in teaching/precepting medical students, participation in a patient education or residency education committee, peer teaching, consistent quality grand rounds and/or conferences presented, valued as a teacher by patients and peers, evidence of community teaching, presentations given at regional or national family medicine meetings. 

A few comments shared about Dr. Archer's contributions as a teaching resident include:

"Christian dedicated himself to deepening his knowledge about physician wellbeing and sharing that knowledge with others."

"Dr. Archer gave multiple sessions on mindfulness/wellness and contributed to the development of the anti-racism curriculum."

"Christian has done great work with teaching at the resident/faculty retreat."

Dr. Catherine HarmerDr. Nina PiazzaDrs. Catherine Harmer and Nina Piazza, awarded the Program Director's Award

To an individual(s) who fosters clinical and educational excellence, while maintaining a sense of humility and humor, and has demonstrated their ability to advance and support the Family Medicine Residency Program of the University of Rochester. 




Dr. Sarah MinneySarah Minney, MD, class of 2023, awarded the AFMRD Resident Award for Scholarship:

The award is given to a resident who has demonstrated skills and interest in scholarship.

Dr. Minney was recognized for work on the Fourth Trimester project.





Dr. Nina PiazzaNina Piazza, MD, awarded the Family Medicine Faculty Teaching Award.

This award was first given in 1978 to Dr. Don Treat, chair of the department from 1978-87. Since that time, it has been awarded to 42 faculty members (as of 2019) .This award is voted on by the PGY-3's. 





LaGinLaGina Green LPNa Green, LPN, awarded the Brown Square Staff Appreciation Award.

This award was established in 2006 by the Brown Square Family Medicine residents to recognize a Brown Square staff member or clinician who has provided significant teaching and support of residents in their practices.  



Resident and Faculty Publications

Shifra Mincer, MD, Elizabeth Brown, MD, MPH and Scott Hartman, MD, for the publication "A Cardiovascular and Psychological Stress Test: The Maternity Period and It's Lifelong Impacts" in (Family Doctor-A journal of the New York State Academy of Family Physicians, vol 12, no 1, Summer 2023 

Sonoda K, Takeuchi Y. Antibiotics for Acute Bacterial Conjunctivitis. American family physician. 06/01/2023; 107 (6) : Online.

Tianrae Chu, MD and Sarah Hudson, MD  G6PD Deficiency: What is A Family Physician to do? Family Doctor Fall 2022 Vol 11 Num 2

Nicholas Antos, MD with Flores R, Harawa N, Vecchio ND, Issema R, Fujimoto K, Khanna AS, Paola AD, Schneider JA, Hotton AL. Factors associated with HIV testing and treatment among young Black MSM and trans women in three jail systems. AIDS care. 07/17/2022; 34 : 1-8.

Alisa Liu, MD, PGY2 and Arthi Chawla, MD, for the publication "White Coat Hypertension, Diagnosis and Managment" in (Family Doctor-A journal of the New York State Academy of Family Physicians, vol 9, no 2, Fall 2020)


Sandy Wang, MD, PGY 2 and Sachiko Kaizuka, MD, for the publication "Addressing Hypertension through Integrative Medicine Approaches in the Clinical Setting" in (Family Doctor-A journal of the New York State Academy of Family Physicians, vol 9, no 2, Fall 2020)


Jasdeep Bajwa, MD, PGY2, Sandy Wang, MD, PGY2 and Arthi Chawla, MD, for the publication "Consideration of Comination Therapy for Treatment of Hypertension in the Clinical Setting" in (Family Doctor-A journal of the New York State Academy of Family Physicians, vol 9, no 2, Fall 2020)


Sandy Wang, MD, MPH; Sachiko Kaizuka, MD; Holly Russell, MD, MS and Michael Mendoza, MD, MPH, MS, FAAFP, for the publication "The Under Utilization of Sleep Medicine for the Treatment of Chronic Pain and Opioid Use" in (Family Doctor-A journal of the New York State Academy of Family Physicians, vol 8, no 3, Winter 2020)

Elizabeth Loomis, MD; Andrew Hayes and Holly Ann Russell, MD, MS, for the publication "Overcoming Barriers to Treatment of Opioid Use Disorder in Primary Care" in (Family Doctor-A journal of the New York State Academy of Family Physicians, vol 8, no 3, Winter 2020)

Scott Hartman, MD, FAAFP and Kristin E. Smith, DNP, FNP-C, AAHIVS, for the publication "HIV: What Family Medicine Clinicians Need to Know" in (Family Doctor-A journal of the New York State Academy of Family Physicians, vol 8, no 3, Winter 2020)

Sachiko Kaizuka, MD; Gale Johnsen, MSN, PhD, FNP-C; Yoshiko Tamura, MD; Traci Salter, RN-BC, MS, FNP-BC; Wade Turnipseed, MS, LMFT and Arthi Chawla, MD, for the publication "Lessons Learned from Taking Over Chronic Pain Management with Opioids from Other Clinicians" in (Family Doctor-A journal of the New York State Academy of Family Physicians, vol 8, no 3, Winter 2020)


Resident Advice to the Community

Sarah Minney, MD, talked about raising awareness of preeclampsia.  Raising Awareness about the dangers of preeclampsia.

Ellerie Chen, MD, talked about emotional health as part of a healthy lifestyle.  Take care of your emotional health as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Dominick DeFelice, MD, discussed how to keep pounds off during the holidays. Healthy Holiday Eating.

Hannah Root, MD, explains what parents need to know about RSV: RSV Cases in the Community.