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ABIM Research Pathway

We offer up to two positions for individuals interested in pursuing the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) Research Pathway. Before deciding whether to apply for one of these positions, candidates should be sure to familiarize themselves with the requirements of this program.

About the ABIM Research Pathway in General

To quote from the relevant section of the ABIM website:

"The ABIM Research Pathway is an integrated program that combines training in research with training in clinical internal medicine and its subspecialties. This pathway is recommended only for physicians who intend to seriously pursue a career in basic science or clinical research. Physicians who are interested in teaching or practicing internal medicine should pursue the standard three years of internal medicine training.

Prospective planning for the research pathway by trainees and program directors is necessary. The training experience of all physicians in this pathway will be documented through ABIM's tracking program. Because this pathway integrates research and training in internal medicine, with or without subspecialty training, entry implies a commitment to its completion."

We are in full agreement with the philosophy expressed by the ABIM and encourage all prospective research pathway candidates to review the entire ABIM Research Pathway Website before applying

The Rochester ABIM Research Pathway

The URMC commitment to our Research Pathway residents is that we will provide exceptional mentoring to prepare them for an academic career in basic science, translational, or clinical research while at the same time providing superb clinical training.

Successful applicants for this highly competitive pathway will have strong medical school academic and clinical credentials. In addition, they must have completed substantive research in an area of focus which has resulted in publications. Successful applicants have completed additional training in research, such as completing a PhD, a masters degree, or taking additional years in medical school for mentored research.

Recruitment for the research pathway is a collaborative effort between the core internal medicine program and the relevant subspecialty division for each candidate. Research Pathway candidates are required to come to Rochester for a two day interview process. Details of the interview process can be found in the Research Pathway Applicant Information section of this website.

Applicants selected for interview will interview for the residency program, for the fellowship(s) of their choosing, and with potential research mentors here. Applicants who match into our ABIM Research Pathway will have also matched into their intended fellowship program to start after 2 years of residency (i.e., they won’t need to apply again for fellowship later, assuming satisfactory progress in their training).

Curriculum in the Two Core Program Years

PGY1 Year

Core curricular components of the PGY1 year are the same for research pathway residents as for all categorical PGY1's.

PGY2 Year

Because research pathway residents have only two years in the core internal medicine program, their PGY2 curriculum will be individualized to assure that they are adequately prepared to assume fellowship responsibilities when they begin fellowship in the PGY3 year.