Welcome from the Program Directors

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Ralph F. Jozefowicz, M.D.
Program Director


Colleen Tomcik, M.D.

Colleen Tomcik, M.D.

Associate Program Director

Thank you for your interest in Neurology residency training at the University of Rochester. The University of Rochester Medical Center has a long tradition of excellence in education, patient care, and research. More than 90 years ago, well-known educator Abraham Flexner’s revolutionary report, Medical Education in the United States and Canada, proposed a vision of university-based medical education that would support the powerful interaction of three distinct but interrelated missions: scientific inquiry, learning, and patient care. When he looked to establish a medical school based on his philosophy in New York, Flexner told then University President Rush Rhees that the University of Rochester presented an ideal place for “a medical school of the highest order.” Leadership in medical education and research remains a hallmark of the University today.


The University of Rochester Department of Neurology has a long tradition as one of the premier neurology departments in the United States. The Department  currently has over 140 faculty (107 with primary appointments, and 35 with secondary or adjunct appointments from other departments and around the world) who share in the vision of education and training.  In 2018, NIH research support totaled $22.9 million for both Clinical Neurology and the Neurosciences combined, and was ranked 14th in total NIH funding for Neurology among medical schools. Additional sources of funding include various foundations and industry sponsors.

The University of Rochester Neurology Residency Program is considered one of the top and one of the most attractive neurology training programs in the nation and was ranked 12th in the Doximity Residency Navigator in 2019. We have eight residency positions per year. The program emphasizes excellence in clinical neurology and has produced academic neurologists, practitioners of neurology, researchers, and teachers. The primary goals of the training program are to provide:

  • Excellent clinical training in the practice of neurology
  • Opportunities to take part in research
  • Opportunities to develop and maintain an investigative career in the neurosciences
  • A sound fund of knowledge in the neurosciences upon which future educational activities can be added

The Adult Neurology Residency Program at the University of Rochester is a four-year categorical program in neurology that includes a preliminary (PGY-1) year of internal medicine training. This preliminary year is supervised by both the neurology and internal medicine program directors. The core curriculum of the first year is identical to that of the First Year Categorical Medicine residents.

We hope the outstanding educational opportunities available through the Department of Neurology at the University of Rochester interest you. We invite you to submit an application.