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Year-by-Year Overview

We take great care in curating our residency curriculum to provide a breadth and depth of Neurology exposure that prepares our residents for whatever their futures hold.  We’re all about balance: inpatient and outpatient, general Neurology and subspecialty care, increasing autonomy while ensuring appropriate supervision, and time for clinical care, education, research, and personal growth.

Preliminary Year in Internal Medicine (PGY1)

  • The first year is focused on the patient encounter.  Residents evaluate patients in a wide variety of clinical settings to identify clinical problems and individual health care needs, and develop evidence-based plans for diagnosis and management.  PGY1 residents are supervised by Internal Medicine residents and faculty in Medicine and associated subspecialties.
  • Neurology PGY1 residents participate in daily lectures and noon conferences, Grand Rounds, and informal educational sessions led by Medicine chief residents.
  • Adult Neurology residents begin their weekly Neurology continuity clinics in the PGY1 year, which provides early exposure to ambulatory General Neurology and enables a smooth transition to PGY2 year.


  • Inpatient General Medicine- 14 weeks
  • Inpatient General Neurology- 4 weeks
  • Inpatient Stroke Neurology- 4 weeks
  • General Neurology consult service at SMH- 1 week
  • Acute Stroke consult service at SMH- 1 week
  • MICU- 6 weeks
  • Cardiac critical care- 4 weeks
  • General Medicine Urgent care clinic- 6 weeks
  • General Medicine afternoon clinic/evening float- 4 weeks
  • Electives (inpatient and/or outpatient)- 6 weeks
  • Vacation- 4 weeks

First Year in Neurology (PGY2)

  • During second year, residents refine their patient care skills through providing primary neurological care on patients encompassing a broad spectrum of neurological conditions, supervised by chief residents and seasoned neurohospitalist and subspecialty faculty.  PGY2 residents also start to develop their consultative approach with increasing levels of autonomy during the year.


  • Inpatient General Neurology- 6 weeks
  • Inpatient Stroke Neurology- 6 weeks
  • Urgent Care/Evening Float- 4 weeks
  • Night Float (first rotation paired with a PGY3)- 4-6 weeks
  • Highland Hospital Neurology consult service- 4 weeks
  • Neuromedicine ICU- 4 weeks
  • Basic EEG- 2 weeks
  • Strong Epilepsy Center inpatient long-term EEG monitoring service- 4 weeks
  • Ambulatory subspecialty blocks, including basic EMG- 4-6 weeks
  • Elective- 4 weeks
  • Vacation- 4 weeks

Second Year in Neurology (PGY3)

  • During third year, residents grow in their experience as consultant neurologists, collaborating in the care of general and subspecialty neurology, stroke, and pediatric neurology patients, seeing everything from the straightforward to the most complex. PGY3 residents also further develop their leadership skills by supervising junior residents, off-service rotators, and medical students.


  • General Neurology consult service- 6 weeks
  • Acute Stroke consult service- 6 weeks
  • “Buddy night float” (paired with a PGY2)- 2-4 weeks
  • Neuromedicine ICU- 4 weeks
  • Strong Epilepsy Center inpatient long-term EEG monitoring service- 2 weeks
  • Pediatric inpatient service at Golisano Children’s Hospital- 6 weeks
  • Pediatric outpatient clinic- 6 weeks
  • Ambulatory subspecialty blocks- 4-6 weeks
  • EMG- 2 weeks
  • Elective- 6-8 weeks
  • Vacation- 4 weeks

Third Year in Neurology (PGY4)

  • Fourth year Neurology residents serve as chief residents, with increasing clinical, teaching, and administrative roles to prepare them for independent practice.  Chief residents serve as PBL tutors/lab instructors in the second-year medical student Mind, Brain and Behavior Course, and have extensive elective time to pursue specific interests.  The final year of residency culminates with an opportunity to spend up to 4 weeks teaching medical students at Jagiellonian University College of Medicine in Krakow, Poland.


  • Acting General Neurology inpatient chief- 4-6 weeks
  • Acting Stroke inpatient chief- 4-6 weeks
  • Mind, Brain and Behavior Course- 9 weeks
  • EMG- 6 weeks
  • EEG- 4 weeks
  • Elective- 12 weeks
  • Poland international elective- 4 weeks
  • SMH Psychiatry consult service- 4 weeks
  • Vacation- 4 weeks

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