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Resident Continuity Clinics (FIRMS)

Residents in Outpatient Clinic

Extensive training and experience in ambulatory neurology occurs throughout the four-year neurology training program.

Neurology Resident Longitudinal Clinic (Resident Firm)

Jon Nutt Clinic Firm

The Neurology resident continuity clinic (AKA FIRM) was established in 1987 to provide the best possible patient care and resident education in a hospital-based neurology clinic at Strong Memorial Hospital.  It is one of the most valuable and enjoyable experiences of residency training at University of Rochester. Residents are assigned alphabetically to a specific FIRM, supervised by two attending neurologists, on the same day of the week for their entire four years of their residency. A unique aspect of our program is that Adult Neurology residents begin seeing patients in their FIRM as PGY1s, which provides an extra year to learn and practice neurology in the ambulatory setting.

Patients are maintained as much as possible in the same FIRM, with graduating PGY4s transitioning their patients to incoming PGY1s to enable a smoother and safer experience for patients.  This also provides continuity with the same FIRM attendings for patients.  Remaining in the same FIRM throughout residency allows each resident and faculty cohort to develop incredible relationships with their patients and each other, and each FIRM creates its own individual identity and spirit!