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Research & Scholarly Activity

We have an unusually robust resident research program that is designed to initiate resident involvement in the development of a research project starting in their 1st year and helping them through all the steps and potential pitfalls of a research project to culminate in the 3rd year with presentation of their research to the department at the annual Resident Research Day. In addition to individual mentoring, we incorporate a research curriculum into our didactic sessions including statistics, study design, scientific writing, and literature interpretation. The majority of our residents present their research at national or international meetings and many graduate with publications to their name.


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our Resident Research Day has been rescheduled to October 1, 2020.


Annual Jerome H. Rudolph Memorial Lecturer

Carolyn Sufrin, M.D., Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University - Reproductive Justice and Incarcerated Women: Understanding the Nexus of Reproductive Health, Mass Incarceration, and Social Justice

Research Presentations

Resident presenting her poster
Katrina Heyrana, M.D., Ph.D.

  • Jillian Dodge, D.O. - Inpatient assessment of contraceptive use in medically complex women
  • Matthew Gevelinger, M.D. - Evaluation of Sacral Nerve Stimulator Revision and Explantation in a Single Center, Multidisciplinary Study
  • Katrina Heyrana, M.D., Ph.D. - Does strict adherence to ACOG criteria for prevention of the primary Cesarean section lead to lower institution-specific Cesarean delivery rates?
  • Danielle Krueger, M.D. - Are cesarean delivery rates increased among low-risk, nulliparous women undergoing elective induction of labor compared to awaiting spontaneous labor prior to 40 weeks gestation?
  • Rachel O’Connell, M.D. - Near-histologic resolution images of cervical dysplasia obtained with Gabor domain optical coherence microscopy
  • Arti Taggar, M.D., M.P.H. - Virtual Reality and Gaming in Non-Surgical Medical Education: A Pilot Trial of The Steroid Pathway Game.
  • Elizabeth Whinston, M.D., Ph.D. - Effectiveness of Computed Tomography Guided Pudendal Nerve Block in the Treatment of Pudendal Neuralgia


Annual Jerome H. Rudolph Memorial Lecturer

Nanette Santoro, M.D., University of Colorado School of Medicine - Follow the Patient: The Many Ways That Obesity Affects Female Reproduction

Research Presentations

2018 Residents after graduation
2018 Residents Post-Graduation

  • Katherine Congelosi, M.D. - Depression and contraceptive choice in the postpartum period
  • Alecia Fields, D.O. - Implementing a social determinants of health curriculum into OBGYN residency
  • Laura Hanks, M.D. - Healthy motherhood: Teenage pregnancy prevention in the US affiliated Pacific Island of Pohnpei, Micronesia
  • Olivia Higgins, M.D. - Laparoscopic sacrospinous ligament transection for treatment of pudendal nerve entrapment syndrome
  • Alexis Pilato, M.D. - Knowledge, behaviors, and reproductive hormones related to phthalate exposure among women seeking fertility care. 
  • Rachelle St Onge, M.D. - ADAPT: A novel on-line simulation game that promotes knowledge of maternal and fetal physiology among medical students
  • Marika Toscano, M.D. - Handheld point-of-care ultrasound for gynecologic pathology: a pilot study for low resource settings
  • Phoebe Whalen, M.D. - Impact of direct abdominal trauma on pregnancy outcome


Annual Jerome H. Rudolph Memorial Lecturer

Angel Foster, D.Phil., M.D., A.M., University of Ottawa - Abortion in humanitarian settings: Challenges and opportunities for expanding safe services

Research Presentations

Bleeding Uterus for Simulation
3D Printed Uterus for Robotic Simulation  - Mary Towner, M.D.

  • Jennifer Black, M.D. - Comparative safety and efficacy of cervical preparation methods
    in dilation and evacuation
  • Sheila Flaum, D.O. - Barriers and outcomes associated with failure to execute desired postpartum sterilization
  • Jennifer Leone, M.D. - Does term labor induction increase risk of cesarean section for nulliparous women?
  • Haley Meyer, M.D. - Pelvic floor dysfunction after total cystectomy for bladder cancer
  • Jessica Mitchell, M.D. - The differential analysis of serum HE4 levels in epithelial ovarian cancer and other malignant tumors
  • Laura Pekman, M.D. - Mode of membrane rupture in pregnancies with idiopathic polyhydramnios
  • Mary Towner, M.D. - Validity assessment of a novel gynecologic surgical model: The GySMo project
  • Ferdous Zannat, M.D. - Risk factors for repeat laparoscopy for patients with chronic abdominopelvic pain and endometriosis


Annual Jerome H. Rudolph Memorial Lecturer

Aaron B. Caughey, M.D., Ph.D., OHSU School of Medicine - Periviable Pregnancies: Decision Making Under Uncertainty

Research Presentations

  • Elizabeth Bard, M.D. - Women’s representation in government as a predictor of women’s health outcomes
  • Lauren Coyle, M.D. - The express study: Immediate postpartum breast pump use and infant formula supplementation at one month
  • Beatriz Folch Torres-Aguiar, M.D. - The rise of female sterilization vs LARC among women in Latin America: A closer look at Colombia  
  • Ethan Gable, M.D. (presented in 2015) - Counseling practices and social outcomes in pregnancies conceived with assisted reproductive technologies 
  • Whitney Hanan, M.D. - A precursor survey to the scheduled prophylactic antiemetics for reduction of emesis with doxycycline (SPARED) trial
  • Stefanie Hollenbach, M.D., M.S. - Evaluating quantity of antenatal transplacental cell exchange: the EQUATE study
  • Tessa Reisinger, M.D. - Geographic disparities in access to abortion services in western New York
  • Daniel Terk, M.D. - Adherence to recommended cervical cancer screening based on HPV vaccination status