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Core Teaching Faculty

In addition to our core faculty, we have a large amount of faculty who play an enormous role in our resident training program. We are lucky to have robust private practice groups at SMH and HH that do all of their surgeries and deliveries with our residents. This creates the opportunity for our residents to learn lots of different styles of clinical and surgical management.


Eva Pressman
Eva K. Pressman, M.D.
Professor and Chair
Maternal-Fetal Medicine Faculty

It's hard to identify a most impactful faculty member because so many attendings have helped me develop as a physician and see the world in a new way."

Alumni Thoughts About Her Time in Residency

Brooke Rossi, M.D., Class of 2008

Strong Memorial Hospital Academic Generalists

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Dr. Whaley is an amazing advocate for her patients and a great teacher in the OR."

Gynecologic Oncology

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Highland Hospital OB/GYN

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Mary ma
Mary Ma, M.D.
Chief of Obstetrics and Gynecology
at Highland Hospital

Dr. Carrillo comes to mind as extra impactful, because all of our clinical discussions have an underlying theme of thinking about reproductive justice and medical ethics. Last year, she hosted the Reproductive Justice book club at her home, and she constantly challenges all of us to do better for our patients in the office, on the floors, in the ORs, and in our community."

Maternal Fetal Medicine (UR Medicine Perinatal Associates)

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The faculty are definitely the strongest aspect of our program. Between them, they have such a breadth of knowledge and expertise to share with the residents. We have a lot of educational opportunity to learn procedures that are not necessarily commonplace because the faculty here are great teachers."

Pelvic Health and Continence Specialties (Urogynecology)

Also see UR Medicine OB/GYN's complete Female Pelvic Medicine and Reproductive Survey team.

Erin Duecy
Erin E. Duecy, M.D.
Director and Fellowship Director

Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility (Strong Fertility Center)

Also see UR Medicine OB/GYN's complete Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility team.

It's hard to identify just one faculty member who has been impactful! There's an entire community of attendings and faculty who contribute so much to my learning. I also feel like my faculty members get to know me on a personal level and really value me even outside of residency."


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Timothy Dye
Timothy Dye, Ph.D.
Associate Chair for Research


What our graduates say...

2005 UR Medicine OB/GYN Residents

From left to right: Evelyn Reynolds, Erin Schoenecker, Bessy O'dea, Vy Bui-Rossi

"Both the academic and clinical faculty were so formative for me as a physician and an OB/GYN. My class alone represents all the possible ways to successfully provide women's health care (single and multi-specialty groups, academic subspecialists, hospitalists). I felt truly ready for my future and the ongoing changes in medicine when I graduated-many thanks still!"

Vy Bui-Rossi

Class of 2005