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Residency Leadership

Welcome to the University of Rochester OB/GYN residency program site! We are so excited that you have come to learn more about us. Over the last 60 years, we have developed a clinically strong, academically sound and socially-minded program. We are saddened that we will not be able to meet in-person this year, but we hope that our website can provide you with a good sense of our program. We look forward to answering any additional questions that may have during your interview day.

Our program aims to position graduates for success in either private practice or in an academic environment including subspecialty training. We have the breadth and depth of clinical and research experience to support you in achieving your future goals. We train our residents to advocate for and incorporate evidence-based medicine.

Rochester offers big-city culture combined with small-city charm. Cost of living is quite affordable and traffic is minimal. There are many options for nearby outdoor activities including hiking, boating and skiing. Rochester has been ranked highly for quality of life. And yet, there are persistent disparities present in our city. Our residents and faculty strive to address these disparities through provision of equitable healthcare, local activism as well as state and national advocacy.

We care for our residents deeply and are committed to maintaining an inclusive, supportive and open environment to promote learning and confidence. As part of our efforts, we create resident schedules that are conducive to successful training while optimizing personal and family time. Our residents graduate healthy, confident and prepared and have pursued rewarding careers in private practice, teaching, research and fellowships in virtually all subspecialties. We can’t wait to meet you!

Courtney Olson-ChenCourtney Olson-Chen, M.D.

Residency Program Director
Web Profile

Area of Expertise/Training: Maternal-Fetal Medicine

Years at UR: Since 2010

Proudest Moment at UR: Training future leaders in OB/GYN.

My Hobbies, Family, Obsessions: Keeping up with my kids. I enjoy spending time outdoors- biking, skiing, swimming and boating. I also love music including singing and playing instruments. I like taking my kids to music classes at the local Eastman School of Music. I suppose you could say that I am obsessed with ice cream.. anything from Dairy Queen to the best flavors at Wegmans.

Favorite Spot in Rochester: My neighborhood in the city.

Favorite Thing to do in Rochester: Living here is easy and fun. We have access to a lot of big-city amenities like outstanding museums, tasty restaurants and entertaining festivals. There is always something new to try. I’m originally from a small town, and Rochester still has a small town feel. Every time I go to Wegmans, I run into someone I know!

Kristen Burhans, M.D.Kristen Burhans, M.D.

Associate Program Director

Area of Expertise/Training: Generalist, Simulation and Experiential Learning

Years at UR: Since 2011

Proudest Moment at UR: Becoming APD

My Hobbies, Family, Obsessions: I grew up sailing and as an intern I bought a sailboat, the Sea Section. Throughout my summers here in Rochester, I’ve enjoyed getting friends out on the water to enjoy a relaxing sail or the occasional regatta (full disclosure – my Dad is the racer, but I make a decent first mate). 

Favorite Spot in Rochester:  I love enjoying the surrounding waterways – Lake Ontario, the Finger Lakes, the Erie Canal or the Genesee River.

Favorite Thing to do in Rochester: There are lots of fun things to do outside in Rochester, having 4 seasons really is a perk! I love sailing and kayaking in the summer, skiing in the winter and playing tennis year-round at a local club. Rochester is also a great, affordable place to raise a family – we regularly visit many of the local parks, walk along the canal, or enjoy the Seneca Park Zoo, Strong Museum of Play, and Seabreeze Amusement Park.

Amy KellerAmy Keller

Residency Program Manager

Years at UR: Since 1991 (Since 2000 in OB/GYN)

Proudest Moment at UR: Becoming the Residency Program Manager. I love my job, I love working with residents! They are what makes me want to come to work everyday.

My Hobbies, Family, Obsessions:   I love spending time with my husband and our two children. They keep us busy with marching band and football. I also enjoying reading and being outside. We spend a lot of our time swimming, four wheeling, snowmobiling, and cruising in our 67 Chevelle. LOVE the local chocolate shops, Hedonist, Stever’s, and Oliver’s.

Favorite Spot in Rochester: Seneca Park Zoo

Favorite Thing to do in Rochester: Going to see the Rochester Red Wings play baseball. It’s a great place to watch Minor League Baseball not to mention how great the ballpark food is! It’s a great evening or afternoon out for the family.

Wendy VitekWendy Vitek, M.D.

Associate Professor, Associate Program Director for Resident Research and Scholarly Activity
Web Profile

Area of Expertise/Training: Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility; Residency Training at Magee-Womens Hospital, Pittsburgh, PA

Years at UR: Since 2008

Proudest Moments at UR: Building relationships with patients, learners and colleagues, helping patients with very challenging infertility histories conceive, receiving teaching awards, being a site PI for an NIH multi-centered clinical research trial, obtaining board certification in Obesity Medicine from the American Board of Obesity Medicine.

My Hobbies, Family, Obsessions: I am married with 2 children. I am obsessed with the Peloton bike, treadmill, yoga, and healthy eating.

Favorite Spot in Rochester: Village of Pittsford

Favorite Thing to do in Rochester: Running on the Erie Canal or hiking in the Finger Lakes

Keisha BellKeisha Bell, Ph.D.

Faculty Psychologist/Communication Coach
Web Profile

Area of Expertise/Training: Health Psychology/Women’s Behavioral Health/Patient-and-Family Centered Communication; Post-doctoral training in Women’s Health at URMC

Years at UR: Since 2018

Proudest Moment at UR: Establishing the Physician Communication Coaching Program in the department of OB/GYN and increasing patient accessibility to behavioral health services at Highland Women’s Health.

My Hobbies, Family, Obsessions: I love spending time with loved ones and I enjoy DIY projects, crafts, music.

Favorite Spot in Rochester: My neighborhood (Brighton).

Favorite Thing to do in Rochester: Exploring new restaurants, the arts, and going to parks.

Kyan LynchKyan Lynch, M.D., M.A.

Education Specialist
Web Profile

Area of Expertise/Training: Medical Education, Medical Humanities, and Bioethics

Years at UR: Since 2016

Proudest Moment at UR: Whenever a student, resident, fellow, or faculty member reaches out to me for help with their studies or a project.

My Hobbies, Family, Obsessions: I am lucky to have a wonderful wife and a dog who is the center of our universe. We love to go out for walks all together, either just around the neighborhood or in one of Rochester’s beautiful parks. I also love to read, both fiction and nonfiction, and am mildly obsessed with books featuring a reimagined Sherlock Holmes.

Favorite Spot in Rochester: It’s hard to pick just one! The Strong Museum of Play is definitely high on my list. It’s a great place to bring the little ones in my life, and it always inspires me to play more often.

Favorite Thing to do in Rochester: When I think of Rochester, I think of community. My best memories in Rochester involve gathering at restaurants, museums, festivals, kitchen tables, or backyards with friends.

Danielle GaryDanielle Gary,  MEd

Assistant Education Specialist

Area of Expertise/Training: Training & Development, Teaching & Learning, Social & Emotional Wellness.

Years at UR: Just arrived in 2022!

Proudest Moment at UR: Joining this team has been an absolute honor! I’m inspired by my colleagues every single day, and I’m so excited about our current projects in development.

My Hobbies, Family, Obsessions: I love spending time with my husband and our son, exploring our new city and the surrounding communities! I’m also a big fan of sci-fi, yoga, rowing, hiking and being out in nature. My current obsession is learning about all of the best-kept secret spots in Rochester!

Favorite Spot in Rochester: My patio with a hot cup of coffee, the river, parks and trails and definitely Ontario Beach Park… After spending the last 16 years in Central TX, any place where I can witness the glorious beauty of the changing seasons is where I want to be.  

Favorite Thing to do in Rochester: I am so excited for the Lilac Festival!