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Our Students

Current Student Profiles

Srinka AroraRebecca Boyle

Hometown: Durham, New York

Undergraduate: St. Lawrence University, B.S. in Neuroscience; minor in sports studies and exercise science  

Extra curriculum activity: Work with the neurodivergent population in both a summer camp setting and at a residential facility.

Sevinch FayzullayevaSevinch Fayzullayeva

Hometown: Rochester, New York

Undergraduate: SUNY at Brockport, B.S. in Neuroscience

Extra curriculum activity: Volunteering with the HELP program at Highland Hospital; working out, hiking, and traveling.

Alexandria GonzalesAlexandria Gonzales

Hometown: Burlington, ON and Niagara Falls, NY

Undergraduate: McMaster University, Biology and Life Sciences

Extra curriculum activity: Research polymicrobial interactions in early childhood caries; running, and trying different coffee shops.

Brady MacKay Brady MacKay

Hometown: Wausau, WI

Undergraduate: University of Minnesota, B.S. in Biology; minor in Society and the Environment

Extra curriculum activity: Working as an EMT; making pickles.

Rhesel RiveraRhesel Rivera

Hometown: Honolulu, HI

Undergraduate: Carleton College, B.A. in Biology; minor in Biochemistry

Extra curriculum activity: Gain more clinical volunteering and shadowing experiences in Obstetrics, Pediatrics, and related subspecialties; playing the piano, baking, and painting. 

Lauren ThompsonLauren Thompson

Hometown: Middletown, NY 

Undergraduate: SUNY Cortland, B.S. in Biological Sciences

Extra curriculum activity: Volunteering for the Friends of Strong; yoga, cooking, and running.  I hope to one day run the NYC Marathon.