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Fall Semester

Medical Pharmacology (5 Credits)

Human Cell Physiology (4 Credits)

Ethics and Professional Integrity in Research (1 Credit)

Pharmacology Seminar (1 Credit)

Professional Development (1 Credit)

Master’s Research (literature research) (3 Credits)

Total: 15 Credits

Spring Semester

Applied Human Anatomy (4 Credits)

Elective (4 Credits)

Scientific Communication (2 Credit)

Pharmacology Seminar (1 Credit)

Advanced Topics in Pharmacology (1 Credit)

Master’s Dissertation (writing and defending Master’s essay) (3 Credits)

Total:15 Credits


ANA 513-Neuroinflammation

BST 465-Design of Clinical Trials

MBI 403-Drug Discovery

NSC 525-Biology of Neurological Disease

PM 414-History of Epidemiology

PM 426-Social & Behavioral Medicine

PHP 447-Signal Transduction

PHP 550-Ion Channels and Disease

PTH 510-Cell Biology of Disease

TOX 521-Biochemical Toxicology