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Affiliated Faculty

Jean Bidlack, Ph.D.
Jean Bidlack, Ph.D.
Bidlack Lab

Pharmacology & Physiology
Research Interest: Pharmacology of brain and lymphocytic opioid receptors
Paul Brookes, Ph.D.
Paul Brookes, Ph.D.
Brookes Lab

Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine
Pharmacology & Physiology
Research Interest: Cardioprotection against ischemia-reperfusion (IR) injury. Role of Mitochondria and metabolism in ischemic preconditioning and anesthetic preconditioning.
Robert Dirksen, Ph.D.
Robert Dirksen, Ph.D.
Dirksen Lab

Pharmacology & Physiology
Research Interest: Molecular Mechanisms of Calcium Signaling in Striated Muscle
Robert Freeman, Ph.D.
Robert Freeman, Ph.D.
Freeman Lab

Pharmacology & Physiology
Research Interest: Molecular biology of programmed cell death
Martha Gdowski, Ph.D.
Martha Gdowski, Ph.D.

Research Interest:

Medical, Graduate, and Undergraduate Education

Angela Glading, Ph.D.
Angela Glading, Ph.D.
Glading Lab

Pharmacology & Physiology
Biomedical Engineering
Research Interest: Role of cell-cell contact in regulating cellular function in both the normal and disease state
Denise Hocking, Ph.D.
Denise Hocking, Ph.D.
Hocking Lab

Biomedical Engineering
Pharmacology & Physiology
Research Interest:

Understanding the mechanisms by which the extracellular matrix protein, fibronectin, affects cell and tissue functions that are critical for wound repair. We study both the structural mechanisms and intracellular signaling events that mediate cell and tissue responses to matrix fibronectin. In turn, we are using this information to develop novel technologies for tissue engineering, and therapeutic approaches to promote tissue regeneration in chronic wounds.

Paul Kammermeier, Ph.D.
Paul Kammermeier, Ph.D.
Kammermeier Lab

Pharmacology & Physiology
Research Interest: G protein coupled receptor signaling and modulation of ion channels in neurons
John Lueck, Ph.D.
John Lueck, Ph.D.
Lueck Lab

Pharmacology & Physiology
Research Interest: Determining the therapeutic promise of engineered tRNAs for treatment of nonsense associated diseases and investigating the pathomechanisms of skeletal muscle weakness and wasting in myotonic dystrophy
David MacLean, Ph.D.
David MacLean, Ph.D.
MacLean Lab

Pharmacology & Physiology
Research Interest: Mechanisms of neurotransmitter receptor function
Cesare Orlandi, Ph.D.
Cesare Orlandi, Ph.D.
Orlandi Lab

Pharmacology & Physiology
Research Interest: Orphan G protein coupled receptors in brain and visual systems
Andrew Wojtovich, Ph.D.
Andrew Wojtovich, Ph.D.
Wojtovich Lab

Pharmacology & Physiology
Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine
Research Interest: Optogenetics to study the roles of Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) in mitochondrial physiology and stress signaling.
Houhui Xia, M.Sc., Ph.D.
Houhui Xia, M.Sc., Ph.D.
Xia Lab

Pharmacology & Physiology
Research Interest: Molecular and signaling mechanisms of synaptic plasticity in memory formation and mental health
David Yule, Ph.D.
David Yule, Ph.D.
Yule Lab

Pharmacology & Physiology
Research Interest: Mechanisms Underlying Ca2+ Signaling Events in Exocrine Cells