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myHub URBEST Program Overview

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The myHub URBEST program seeks to better prepare graduate students and postdoctoral trainees for academic careers and careers outside of academia. To do this, it provides instruction in leadership and professionalism, provides training pathways in industry, manufacturing and entrepreneurship; regulatory affairs, compliance and review; science and technology policy; data science; science communication and outreach; and higher education and teaching - and creates new opportunities for experiential learning through internships and externships.

The myHub URBEST Program was one of seventeen programs funded by the NIH between 2015-2020 to experiment with methods to enhance training opportunities for early career scientists and prepare them for a variety of career options in the dynamic biomedical workforce landscape. University of Rochester has committed to continuing this important initiative and provided funding for continued program and experiential learning opportunities for School of Medicine and Dentistry (SMD) graduate students and postdocs.  BEST’s mission is to Broaden Experiences in Scientific Training for today’s PhD graduate students and postdoctoral scientists. We believe that all biomedical and health science research and science careers are equally valued as successful careers. The myHub URBEST Program aims to increase the confidence and motivation of trainees to identify and pursue their career goals, and to reduce training time by enabling trainees to more efficiently direct their efforts.

The myHub URBEST program is structured to allow for a high degree of flexibility, ensuring that trainees can meet their own self-defined learning needs. Some of our key offerings are myHub URBEST Career Stories, career workshop, the full-day myHub URBEST Retreat and Career Workshop held each September, Leadership and Management for Scientists, half and full day certificate programs, and employer and career spotlights.

Please browse the myHub Calendar for activities you might want attend. You are welcome to attend activities even if you are not officially enrolled. Trainees are welcome to join the program at any time by completing the myHub URBEST application. myHub URBEST Trainee Orientation is held four times a year in March, June, September, and December. Applicants will receive a calendar invite with information about the orientation event. If you have any questions, please reach out to .

Some Basics to Understanding the Program:

  • Enrollment is open to all SMD health science and biomedical PhD graduate students and postdoctoral affiliates.
  • Although many activities take place at the School of Medicine and Dentistry, River Campus students and postdoctoral affiliates are welcome and encouraged to participate and enroll as myHub URBEST trainees.
  • Complete a yearly myHub URBEST Individual Development Plan (IDP) with career and professional goals.
  • You do not need to be interested in an internship to participate in activities. If you would like to participate in an internship, you must enroll as a URBEST trainee.
  • SMD participants have access to apply for myHub URBEST internships and funding for internships. Participants are required to develop and complete a myHub URBEST Personalized Program Plan that outlines their goals and strategies to preparing and completing an internship or experiential learning opportunity. The myHub team will assist you with accomplishing this. Schedule an appointment with Career Services.
  • Download Personalized Program Plan:

 Personalized Program Plan

As a myHub URBEST trainee you are encouraged to participate in the following activities…

  • Yearly myHub URBEST Retreat and Career Retreat in September.
  • The Spring IND439 Leadership and Management for Scientists (2-credit) Course

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