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Transparent Admissions Policies

Evaluation of applications by the Admissions Committee

Our admissions evaluation process follows 3 core tenets, using specific metrics to define excellence in each area:

  1. Likelihood that the applicant can successfully complete the academic requirements to obtain a PhD from the NGP
    • Cumulative GPA and grades in STEM courses
    • Research and other work experiences
    • Writing skills
    • Reference feedback
  2. Programmatic match with individual’s professional goals:
    • Relevance of coursework
    • Alignment of research interests and experience
    • Stated commitment to research
    • Reference feedback
  3. Potential to contribute to institutional core values (provide link to iCare values):
    • Leadership
    • Reliability/dependability
    • Team work and service
    • Commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion

These are the core assessment areas but our evaluations extend to consider other critical factors, including but not limited to considerations that cross categories: resilience, recovery from setbacks, effective adaptation to changing/stressful environments/situations

Facts about our Admissions Process

  • There is no GRE score requirement
  • There is no “triage” line for consideration
  • Every application received before the deadline is read by faculty on the admissions committee
  • The admissions committee has both faculty and student members
  • Consistent evaluation rubrics (scores based on core tenets) are used for all applicants