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2015 Poster Presenters

Poster Presenters

* Poster Teasers

  1. Zach Adham, BS. (Opanashuk/O’Banion/Olschowka Labs)
    Elucidating a Mechanism for the Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor's regulation of Medulloblastoma Cell Growth
  2. Habiba Azab, BS. (Hayden Lab)
    Surprise signals in the dACC: differences between population and single-unit responses
  3. Antoine Barbot, PhD. (Huxlin Lab / Yoon Lab)
    Visual recovery in cortical blindness: insights from fMRI
  4. Adam Bosen, MS. (Paige Lab / O’Neill Lab)
    Comparison of Forced-Choice and Auditory Localization Tasks For Assessing Spatial Audio-Visual Integration
  5. Paivi Jordan, PhD. (URSMD Shared Resources)
    University of Rochester resources for light microscopy: the confocal and laser capture microscopy resource and the multiphoton imaging resource
  6. * Andrew Campbell, PhD. (Mayer-Pröschel Lab)
    Herpes Virus 6 Inhibits Oligodendrocyte Precursor Cell Function
  7. Meghan Castagno, BS. (Hayden Lab)
    Unique role of orbitofrontal cortex to early and late phases of cognitive set reconfiguration
  8. Matt Cavanaugh, MS. (Huxlin Lab)
    Quantification of training induced visual field improvements in cortical blindness
  9. Adrianne Chesser, MS. (Johnson Lab)
    Selectively Enhancing Clearance of Pathological Tau Through the Use of Phytochemical Compounds
  10. Eun-Young Choi, PhD. (Haber Lab)
    The striatum is anatomically linked to a large-scale cortical network
  11. Christy Cloninger, MS. (Paige Lab)
    Smooth Pursuit Eye Movements of Auditory Targets Suggest Motion-Specific Processing
  12. Adam Danz, MS. (DeAngelis Lab)
    Compensation of heading tuning for eye rotations in macaque area MSTd: roles of visual and extra-retinal signals
  13. Luisa Caetano-Davies, PhD. (Pröschel Lab)
    iPS-Derived Astrocytes: A Role for Therapy in Parkinson’s Disease?
  14. * Ryan Dawes, MS. (Brown Lab)
    Psychosocial stress suppresses tumor progression in a murine model of spontaneous, metastatic breast cancer
  15. Kelli Fagan, MS. (Portman Lab)
    The genetic sex of a single C. elegans sensory neuron determines the behavioral response to sex pheromones
  16. Berkeley Fahrenthold, MS. (Libby Lab)
    The Injury Response Factor JUN is Not Required for Excitotoxic Retinal Ganglion Cell Death
  17. * Julianne Feola, MS. (Johnson Lab)
    The Role of Astrocytic Transglutaminase 2 in Mediating Ischemic Stroke Damage
  18. Justin Fleming, BS. (Paige Lab)
    Head-Free Gaze Pursuit of Auditory Targets Resembles Head-Fixed Ocular Smooth Pursuit
  19. * Frank Garcea, BS. (Mahon Lab)
    Pantomiming object use decouples functional connectivity between temporal and parietal tool-selective areas
  20. Jennetta Hammond, PhD. (Gelbard Lab)
    Platelet Activating Factor Enhances Presynaptic Vesicle Release
  21. Sarah Heilbronner, PhD. (Haber Lab)
    Using connectivity to study homology of orbitofrontal and cingulate cortices between primate and rat
  22. Kenneth Henry, PhD. (Carney Lab)
    Neural mechanisms underlying detection of amplitude modulation
  23. * Molly Jaynes, MS. (Mink Lab)
    Explicit Knowledge in a Motor Sequence Depends on Strategy
  24. Nguyen Mai, BS. (Halterman Lab)
    Neutrophil activation as a marker for systemic inflammation and CNS disease burden in a novel model of post-cardiac arrest syndrome