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Program Highlights

What is PathologyStudents

…the science that addresses the causes and effects of disease, especially the structural and functional changes that cause or are caused by disease.”

The URMC Pathology PhD program trains students to answer questions about human disease using modern biomedical scientific approaches, including bioinformatics, animal and cell modelling and the study of primary human samples.

What Makes Our Program DifferentJohn Varrone and Mahendra Colonne

  • Pathology Ph.D. students complete a curriculum that emphasizes cell biological mechanisms of human disease, in addition to learning the fundamentals of biochemistry and genetics alongside trainees from our other biomedical PhD programs
  • Pathology Ph.D. students focus on thesis research that has implications for human health and disease while working alongside senior scientists and other trainees from a wide range of disciplines.

Pathology Career PathsI-Hsin Fiona Kuo

In the past 5 years, the majority (~70%) of our graduates have gone on to competitive post-doctoral fellowships or other academic research positions.

  • 10 to 15% of our graduates obtain positions in the biotechnology or pharmaceutical industries directly out of school 
  • Some graduates successfully pursue careers in the areas of undergraduate education or in clinical laboratory science. 
  • And about 15% of our graduates are MD/PhD candidates who continue their clinical training after completion of their PhD studies


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