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Research Overview

Pathology PhD Programhematology cancer-biology genetics-stem-cell-biology musculoskeletal-system cardiovascular-and-endocrine-systems neurobiology-neurological-diseases pathways of human disease

The Pathways of Human Disease Program and Ph.D. in Pathology offers a wide range of research opportunities for our students. Our program faculty, who currently number approximately 80, represent 16 departments and centers within the medical center. This provides unmatched diversity of research areas and approaches. You will find both research into mechanisms of normal growth and function, and projects that explore abnormal development and human disease (pathology).   Some projects are asking fundamental questions of normal and abnormal biological function while others are considered translational research with more immediate applicability to patient treatment and disease therapy. Please browse through our six research areas and learn more about our Pathways of Human Disease Ph.D. Program faculty who pursue exciting research programs in these areas.