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A Message from the Directors

Matt Rand Alison Elder

Welcome and thank you for your interest in our program!

The Rochester Toxicology Program provides state-of-the-art, interdisciplinary graduate and postdoctoral training in the environmental health sciences and toxicology. Our goal is to prepare the next generation of talented, independent toxicologists and environmental health scientists, who are able to conduct innovative research and transform their findings into new information, resources, and tools that will be used by public health and medical professionals, as well as the public, to improve overall human health and well-being.

Our program is one of the oldest and strongest research-oriented toxicology programs in the nation. We are ranked among the top 5 toxicology graduate programs in the USA, according to the National Academy of Science’s NRC Assessment of Graduate Education, 2010.

Trainees who come to Rochester work with a team of dedicated faculty, who are internationally recognized, well-funded, and deeply committed to education and mentoring. Faculty research programs span the entire spectrum of toxicology, from molecular mechanisms and cellular processes to whole organisms and human populations. There are seven major focus areas: Pulmonary & Cardiovascular Toxicology, Reproductive & Developmental Toxicology, Immunotoxicology, Dermal Toxicology, Behavioral & Neurotoxicology, Musculoskeletal Toxicology, and Endocrine Toxicology.

Joining the Toxicology Program at University of Rochester opens doors to numerous exciting and rewarding career options. Our alumni hold leadership positions in academia, research institutes, government agencies, pharmaceutical companies, and chemical corporations. Consequently, we have a vibrant network of alumni across the world. Opportunities to interact with our alumni are actively fostered, and they provide additional resources for mentoring and career development.

Alison Elder, PhD
Matt Rand, PhD
Co-Directors, Toxicology Ph.D. Program